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Instagram Emoji Adult/ Teen Birthday Party

Friday, October 2, 2015


This might have to be my favorite party yet! Our Instagram Emoji printable collection is perfect for an adult or Teen/Tween birthday party. We have so many fun ideas to share with you. 

Confetti filled balloon false ceiling! This made the party. I just created an instant party! 

We hung emoji faces coming down from the confetti false balloon ceiling. 

We have custom confetti here so you can choose the exact colors you want for this party or any future confetti party needs!

Our cupcakes were one of the show stoppers..... especially the poop chocolate cupcakes. These babies were the first to go and everyones favorite. I wasn't sure if people would dig them or be repulsed by them.  They LOVED them. 

The poop emoji cupcakes were so easy to make too! Just make normal chocolate cupcakes. Pipe using just a large circle tip and place candy eyes on them. So easy and the kids can help and have so much fun doing it.

There are 12 different cupcake toppers- emoji faces and custom hashtags. You can choose up to 3 hashtags for your cupcakes or just 1 on all 3 designs.  

Fill your favor toppers with your favorite candies and treats. Brooks love sour watermelons and swedish fish! I have to agree... I love her candy choices too.  My favorite topper is #howoldareyou with the teeth emoji 

#drinkup one of our drink wrappers with our emoji drink stir sticks

#drinkmorewater :)

Instagram sign Happy Birthday! Create your own verbiage in the comments section.

Hashtag sign to tell your guest how to share your photos & memories!

Notes to #birthdaygirl and notes to the #birthdayboy. Let your guests choose their emotion and write a fun letter or advise for you!

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Sweet Beauty {Make-up} Shop Birthday Party

Thursday, April 9, 2015

This post is just a couple years late! Ooops! I totally forgot that I hadn't posted this fun Beauty Shop Make-up Birthday Party that I did for my nieces 4th birthday. This could easily be for a little girls beauty/ make up birthday or a teenage/ adult's party. 
This little girl was obsessed with make up. She always begged to do her own make up and paint her own nails. At first we were going to make it a true beauty shop birthday, where we dress up the girls and did their make up, hair and nails for them, when we realized what they really wanted to do is do their own make upand have fun.... so we let loose and let their girls do there own make up. Most looked like they had black eyes and clumpy nail polish, they had a BLAST!
 Since we knew it would be messy with 10 little girls running around with wet nail polish we had the party outside. For the backdrop we put pink streamers in the background with our Sweet Beauty Shop poster

  In our Sweet Beauty shop we had favors filled with taffy, notepad mirror and hello kitty lipstick.
 The cake of course had candy jewelry lipstick, necklace, watch and ring pop

Candy jewelry was displayed on a stand for them to eat, wear and accessorize themselves
We had trays full of necklaces and rings like a high end jewelry store

 Candy Bars wrapped in our Beauty Make up candy bar wrappers
 "candy blush and eye shaddows" stacked together- topped with our cupcake toppers were used around tiers of nerds
 Nail polish sugar cookies with our printable flags 
 The Beauty shop was filled with nail polish, eye shadows and chalk for coloring their hair in evey color you could imagine!

 Look at those cute nails- pretty good for a 4 year old
 They were all so proud of their makeup and nails. The eye make up makes me laugh even 2 years later!

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Big Hero 6- Baymax inspired birthday

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I had so much fun creating the Big Hero 6 birthday party and have so many fun and easy things you can make ahead to make birthday day be a breeze! You can purchase the Big Hero 6 printables here. To say my nephew was excited for his birthday this year would be the BIGGEST understatement! He was so anxiously awaiting his party I thought he would have a heart attack. now lets get to the details of the party....
For the decorations we kept it simple and fun! I had an 36" white balloon and drew a Baymax face on it with our printable FALALALALALALA banner (my favorite saying from the show!)

We have lots of fun signs included in our Big Hero 6 printable collection 

Including this backdrop poster
The cake this time was simple.... I wanted to do marshmallow frosting, but the birthday boy didn't like that idea. So we went with a cream cheese frosting and I put M&M's around it like microbots crawling up the side holding up Baymax.... and of course a dupe large Baymax toy on top
The M&M microbots are really easy to line up and place around the cake. I snapped this photo quickly before we cut into the cake
Baymax sugar cookies and Vanilla wafer "bandaids"
These Baymax cookies are really easy. We just frosted oval sugar cookies with white frosting. Then placed 2 black M&M's for the eyes. Just connect the 2 eyes with a line of black ready made frosting!

Now for things that you can make ahead of time
 Mini takeout boxes filled with "sushi" swedish fish with our printable thank you tag (4 tag designs)
Petri dishes filled M&M "microbots" and our flag printables
printable Baymax coming out of his case filled with candy goodies 
Each of the kids got to select a Big Hero 6 character toy to take home. Marshmallow Baymax come with a fuzzy kitty and Fred comes with Baymax in his box. The kids also really loved Fred!
We had some really fun toy favors. I filled them with:
a mini soccer ball (because Baymax Kicks a socoor ball)
Air head (since he is filled with air)
a splat egg (it was white and oval so I drew eyes to make a Baymax) &
Smiley face paddle balls. 

The kids made up several games with their splat Baymaxes. 
First they threw them on the ceiling and waited for them to drop- that was really fun to watch
Then they all attacked the baymax balloon and took it down.
We also played bowling ball with them to see how far they would go before they got stuck.

The kids had a blast with them!
 Build your own Marshmallow Baymax Rice Krispie treats!
 I made oval rice krispie treats and had marshmallow whipped cream for them to spread all ove rthe body and then attach the marshmallow limbs.
 We had little bags filled with all sizes and shapes of marshmallows for them to be creative with their marshmallow baymaxs
Here are some of my favorite baymaxes they made.
 We tied Baymax to little Peyt to see if she would fly away on the windy day
 We also had a contest to see who could keep their fire ball in the longest. I love these pictures of the kids. They were dying, but having so much fun at the same time!
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