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Magical Mermaid Birthday Party + Mermaid printables

Monday, February 16, 2015

I normally do not redo a theme, as I did a Mermaid party a couple years ago.... but I have a little niece that just LOVES LOVES Mermaids and I just couldn't tell a 2 year old that she couldn't have a Mermaid party! So I did it a little bit different party with new Mermaid printables.
This gorgeous light pink ruffled tulle is from Ruffle Fabric (it will be available in a couple months in 2 colors: light pink and turquoise/mint)
I hung "bubbles" from the ceiling to create a little whimsical effect
With our Mermaid poster in the background
And our Happy Birthday banner across the front of the table.
Chocolate candy shells that the kids filled in little bags. They searched and dug for their favorite colors and shapes with little spoons. (chocolate candy shells available in the shop soon!)
Bags to fill with our favorite (and extremely delicious) candy shells
Sugar Cookie octopus filled in mini galvanized buckets
 Favors were candy filled Sundae cups with a Disney Mermaid toy (a favorite with all the little girls)

My favorite part of the birthday was the Mermaid cake. It turned out perfect! We add sprinkles and chocolate candy shell to the outside rim and sugar cookie Mermaid tails sticking out with our printable Cake topper
 You can see some of the different shell shapes and colors that comes in every package- each one is unique, just like a real shell... only deliciously edible!
We had Sand dollar Snicker-doodles, packaged in a clear bag with our cute Mermaid printable favor toppers.
3 drinks to choose from: Pink Lemonade, Orange Crush and Blue Raspberry. 
Sydney won't let anyone else have any of the Mermaids that were in the favors.... they were her favorite part of her birthday and present. Luck for her, most of her cousins are boys and they didn't care that she wanted all of them!
She even kept them close while eating her cake! She won't let them go!!!
 Everyone else's favorite part were the chocolate candy shells on the cake- they went super fast, as you can see above.
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Plants vs. Zombies Inspired Birthday Party dessert table and game ideas

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I created this Plants vs Zombies birthday party for my nephew Will for this 8th birthday. We kept it pretty simple since his birthday is around the holidays.... every other day we were having a party- Gingerbread House decorating with 15 little girls, Christmas, New Years and then his birthday (all within a week and a half!). We also wanted to keep the sweets limited as they have been on a permanent sugar high for the last week! 
I printed our Warning: Zombie Outbreak (30x20) sign for our backdrop, available in our shop
 My favorite part was the cake and these gummy "Crazy Dave's Tacos", but more on that
These gummy candies are actually Hot Dog gummies.... but no one can tell right? The kids loved them! They were grabbing them by the handfuls.
My sister and I made 3 kinds of cupcakes. Cone Head Zombie Cupcakes
These Cone Head Zombie cupcakes are super easy! 
1. Just melt orange chocolate melts & ice cream waffle cones. 
2. You want it really runny so I added a couple drops of vegetable oil to the chocolate (this allows it to be easier to coat the waffle cones). 
3. You can melt your chocolate in a small/ tall cup or Pyrex measuring cup so you can dip the cone completely in it or a 8x8 so you can just roll the cone in the chocolate (I thought of this option later and think it might be the best)
 We also, had Zombie cupcakes with our Cupcake toppers
The surprise hit was the brain cupcakes... BRAINZ. I thought the pink might throw everything off, but I actually really liked it! Cake and Brainz... who knew they would loves these!
To make these Brain Cupcakes just tint some white frosting with pink or red food coloring. I didn't mix it really well, as I wanted variation of pinks and whites.  Just pipe with a large circle tip. Start at the middle and make a line down the whole cupcake and then swirl your way up the cupcake and repeat on the other side. These were actually fun to make too and went really fast to create (win-win!)
 We has some fun signage around the dessert bar like this Please don't feed the Zombies sign (available in our Plants vs Zombie collection or sold separately)
 On the front door we wrapped it with green streamers with Our Warning: Zombies are Hungry poster 
The cake was the favorite of all the kids! I bought Plants vs Zombie figurines from Amazon and had Will arrange them how he would if he was playing the game... the only problem is that he wanted like 8 sunflowers! I created this printable House decal to make the cake look more realistic and complete. I just love how it turned out... I added a lithe happy birthday banner and no Zombies allowed sign to make it a festive house. 
For the cake I frosted it with green frosting then for the squares I used green chocolate. 
1. Heated up green chocolate melts in the oven (170 degrees for about 10-15 minutes)
2. Poured the chocolate out on wax paper and spread it out to an even thickness. You can also place another sheet of wax paper over it and spread it out with your hands to get a even surface 
3. Once the chocolate dries (which was like 15-20 minutes) I just cut it with a knife into squares and placed them on the cake

Little hands kept moving and playing with the figures on the cake.... you can see one missing here
Cream puff Wall-nuts
Red Hot JalapeƱo
Cherry Bomb fruit candies
We had little bags to fill with the candy for them to take home with "from the Zombies" thank you tag available in our Plants vs Zombie party printable collection
Will drew Zombie faces on a couple balloons! Look at him sporting his Plants vs Zombies shirt;)

For the games we played a couple really fun ones! 
The first game we played was The Zombie Autopsy Table. In each bag were "Body parts" and they had to guess what it really was. Like for the heart we used a pealed orange. This was a great first game as they could play while waiting for the other guests to arrive, then when they were done the other kids had arrived and they could have their turn feeling everything.
Just coat everything in oil and it real does feel like body parts. Here are some suggests for you
eyes- wilted cherry tomatoes (or grapes)
dried skin- jerky pieces
teeth- popcorn 
heart- peeled orange
intestines- cooked noodle
brain- broccoli
nose- red pepper
fingers- carrot
We had a relay race. They had to put on different layers of clothes and a cone hat and run to a certain spot and run back, then the next person had to the same thing.... cone hat and all! We got the cones from the Dollar Store.
A surprise guest showed up! When we asked Will what he wanted to do at his party, he said he wanted his Dad to dress up as a Zombie and chase them around. So that's what we did! A Cone Head Zombie tag game. Once the Zombie tagged you ,you became a Zombie.... every human for them self!

I came up with Decorate your own Rice Krispy Treat -Zombie Lawn Mower
It's really easy if you buy the prepackaged Rice Krispy Treats! They are the perfect size. Just put in a straw for the handle and have different wheel options for them. I wish I had pictures of their Lawn Mowers.... they were so cute! It was just too crazy during the party to take pictures and they took them home 
Every kid put at least 1 Crazy Dave Tacos on their Lawn Mowers! 
 We had a couple scissors laid out to cut the straws with. I ended up helping most of them with this though. They said the blue frosting was Zombie guts... only boys would come up with that!
We had an array of tiny candies for them to decorate their "Rice Krispy Treat Lawn Mowers"
I even found gummy Zombies for them to put on the lawn mowers and "run over them" They really loved these!
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