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I'm back for reals!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi and sorry for disappearing like that. Can you believe that China doesn't allow you to open ANY blogspot blogs at all!!!! No AmyAtlas, no Oh Happy Day.... none! I was so sad and frustrated, then grateful for the freedoms we have here in our country. So needless to say I was unable to post or update Wants and Wishes for quite some time. Since I had some down time I made a few new things for the Wants and Wishes shop on Etsy. Go check out the fun superhero collections and halloween collection! They are a must have.

I was planning on showing you all the full party of my big 3-0 a couple of weeks ago so without any further interruptions... here is the complete party.

The event was at my house and I wanted to block off the kitchen to create a more fun atmosphere so I put a white piece of fabric with thumb tacks to create a divider and bought yellow, light pink, hot pink and white balloons and tied them to yellow vases.  I then strung a garland that I made of little 30's. It was a perfect place to have people mingle and have drinks!
The garland was so simple. I cut out 30's in all the shades of pink, yellow, orange and white. Then strung them together with a sewing machine. I wanted an eclectic look so I did a random pattern. 
Here are the party favors I had for each of my guest that came to my birthday bash. I filled them with bright yellow candies and a little note to each person.
I wanted the dessert bar to reflect my likes and life over the past 30 years. So I included my favorite treats: 

mini popcorn balls... I swear I can eat those all day long- every day!
cherry chip cookie sandwiches with buttercream frosting. Very simple to make and delish! Just take two cookies and pipe frosting in between. If you don't have frosting bag and tips to pipe you can take a ziplock bag and cut diagonally at the corner... and tada you have a disposable pipping bag!
I had to include individual apple pies since for about six years I was obsessed with Apple Dumpling and couldn't go anywhere without it! 
And last, but not least my favorite dessert... the Brownie! I individually wrapped each brownie in decorative cellophane, but to insure it stayed "pretty" and clean so you could see the pattern of the paper I first wrapped it in wax paper. (this also will not allow the wrapper to get greasy).

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  1. SUPER cute!!! I'm turning 30 in February and dreading it! But a fun party like this might help ease my pain ;-) Great blog! I just found it via Hostess with the Mostess.

  2. A good party makes turning 30 alot easier!!!


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