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dinosaur birthday party

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We interrupt this Halloween inspiration for a dinosaur inspiration board.  One of my readers, Jann {hi Jann} asked what I would do for a dinosaur birthday party for her little boy. It spark something... so many people are seeking inspiration for a particular birthday party theme- so I'm starting a new series. Simply email me if you are seeking inspiration for a particular party theme and I will do the research and post it up on my blog.... so ask away.

These are my findings for a dinosaur party.

option A:: I would do these invitations available in our shop (it also comes in a purple & green color scheme)

option B:: Have your little guy draw a dinosaur for each of his guest, inviting him to come to his dinosaur party!

I would make these dinosaur cupcakes or you could put a mini dinosaur on top for an older crowd or for those who don't want to create dinosaurs from hand... 

I would also make these fossil dinosaur cookies

On the tables I would have these dinosaur terrariums. 

{favors + activities}
I would make these dinosaurs in a rock. You can either make them at the party and have your guest take them home to dry or have them already made and have each kid break one open and discover what's inside. 

I would give these crayon dinosaurs as a favor. Aren't they soooo cool. (I know I sound like a kid, but I fell in love with them when I saw. They are a must have for sure!!! I want! I want! I want!) 

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