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Halloween Treats

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wants and Wishes has been extremely busy in the kitchen. Multiple parties with a guitar cake, baby's first punching cake, cupcakes and cookies galore! So I apologize for abandoning you, but my time has been spent in the kitchen these days instead of on my laptop... oh how I have missed it and you!

So I'm sure you are all getting the final details ready for your Halloween parties and gatherings. Today I will show you some of my favorite Halloween sweets that will make any trick or treater squeal with delight!

Wants and Wishes Tip: I know these are little cakes but if you are running out of time... I think ding dongs would work just as good. Just whip up some frosting in different colors and you can make your own mini Halloween cakes in no time. This would also be a fun project/ craft for a Halloween party.

Now for a few treats that aren't so sweet, but would still be fun at you Halloween bash!

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