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Ode to Summer

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I know, I know that summer has really been gone for a month now, but when October comes around I always feel like that October is the start of fall (especially since southern California hasn't really had any summer weather this whole year). As record heats have been blazing across the country little southern california has been mighty cool and chilly at the beach. But this last week we have hit and bypassed all records set... talk about heat wave!!! We have already started to cool down yet again. So I welcome the Fall and Halloween with loving arms... how could I wish this fall season away.... Halloween really is my favorite holiday of all time! Eek!!! I'm so excited to share all my findings with you.
Here is the most beautiful bug I have ever seen in person (we found him as we were leaving the Great Wall in China). Bugs in general remind me of summer days and especially their beautiful colors... so this is my Ode to Summer and hope the next one is warmer!

ps. for all those concerned about this little guy....
A. we did not flip him over to capture his beauty... we found him like that and
B. YES we did flip him over so he could fly away and have a grand life.
the end
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things we love

Monday, September 27, 2010

I love these... all of them! Kate Spade is.... is incredible! Everything she touches is magic. It has a fun, energetic, eclectic twist while still being sophisticated without being too sophisticated. It defines a truly classic look. These "things we love" have inspired me to do the same, of documenting the items I love. What items do you love?
Kate Spade's clutch bag
election pins
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