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day six:: Cozy up with some PINK hot chocolate!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

HOT PINK hot chocolate..... how fun is that?! This day is a little more expensive then the rest, but I couldn't resist putting these two items together- pink hot chocolate with a smores pop! I would love anyone that brought me this! You can make a smores pop or buy it for $1 at Walmart (but I will be experimenting with this later, oh the possibilities!)

Items in day 6:: cozy up with me!
Pink Hot Chocolate $1.49 at Michael's
Smores Pop $1 at Walmart
Clear cellophane bag with pink hearts .59 cents Michael's
(this would also be cute in a pink mug)

1. In a clear baggie add the pin hot chocolate mix and the smores pop (but put the smores pop upside down so you can see that the pink hot chocolate label.... it looks better and more balanced!)
2. Fold down baggie and punch two holes at the top of the bag and string through a bow.
3. Print our tag here
4. Attach tag and deliver to your loved ones
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