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Printable Pizza Box Invitation... literally with 2 sided pizza invite

Monday, February 28, 2011

Having a pizza party... Deliver your guest a pizza invitation in a mini pizza box! 

Is your child having a pizza party for a fun friday night or for their birthday party? This fun and creative pizza box
party invitation will grab the attention of all your guests and get them excited for your pizza party. The outside of 
the invitation is a "pizza box". You can print on white or natural brown paper imitating a cardboard box color. In 
the inside your guest will find a 4.75" pepperoni pizza with the details of your party on the back. 

So what are you waiting for! Plan a pizza party this friday night or for your kids birthday. Pizza Invitation available in our shop. Full collection coming soon!

"pizza box cover"

This shows the pizza box and both sides of the invitation 

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  1. thanks! It was a really fun invite to create

  2. Wow, so clever and creative! Should be a big hit with party planners!

  3. You're blog and ideas are simply adorable! I'd love to chat with you but can't find an email address : (

  4. Would you consider doing another listing on Etsy for both the design AND printing for these? I'm not sure I could get it all lined up just right..... plus, my printer's not very good! Let me know. Thanks!


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