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Dinosaur Party: molten lava volcano cakes tutorial

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I have received alot of comments about the molten lava volcano cakes, so I decided to do this tutorial first! This is really simple cake with a stunning, explosive result to your party. The coordinating printable package for the RAWR Dinosaur collection is available in my shop!

You can make theses 2 ways, with just a normal chocolate cake mix or with an actual "molten lava" recipe (recipe coming tomorrow!) If you are having these in a dessert bar like I had here in the RAWR- Dinosaur Party, I would recommend making them with a chocolate cake mix because with the molten lava cake needs to be served immediately for best results.

1. You will need orange and red chocolate apeels (wafers). These are white chocolate with food coloring, some are even flavored. I got orange flavor for the orange and vanilla for the red.... just to add a hit of surprise.

2. Have your volcano cakes cooking in the oven. I used this cupcake pan that I got at Williams Sonoma years ago, but you could use a cupcake pan with no liners. Note: If you have 2 ovens, turn on your other oven to as low as it will go to heat the chocolate (around 140 degrees). If not, after your cakes are cooked- TURN OFF your oven (if not you will burn your chocolate) and stick in your chocolate to start the melting process.

3. Melt each color of chocolate in a SEPARATE bowl in the oven, it should take 8-12 minutes to melt, but check on your chocolate every couple of minutes, as each oven heats differently and stir each time. Heating on the lowest temperature of your oven melts the chocolate properly and eliminates that white coating that can appear on chocolate, usually it is around 140 degrees.

4. Place a glob of orange chocolate on the top of the mini volcano cake, letting it run down the sides.

5. Drizzle the red down the sides crossing over the cake in a X like pattern.

6. Swirl gently with a spoon on the top to combined the orange and red, this will cause more chocolate to cascade down the sides mixing the orange and red for an realistic, explosive feel.

You are finished. Let them set for just a bit so the chocolate can set and transfer to serving dish. Mine did not last long.... boy was it delicious!

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  1. Those look amazing! Love the red and orange lava! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yum! How far in advance can these be made before serving?

    1. If you want the lava to flow out of it immediately after making them it will need to be served. you can prep a lot beforehand like the batter and then stick them in the oven, drizzle chocolate and your done and serve. Or you can let them set and they will be gooey in the middle, but not runny. You can make these day or or night before.


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