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Dinosaur Party: molten lava volcano cakes recipe

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you ready for the easiest, most delicious molten lava cake ever?! I am really particular about my chocolate cakes. I have had this recipe for years (sorry I don't know the source... I have had it for 8+ years) and when I moved a couple years ago I lost my recipe! I tried multiple recipes and nothing even came close... Luckily for you (and me), I found it as I was moving.... again. 

This is a cake with a pudding chocolate center you serve right out of your oven. Perfect for a little boy dinosaur party for volcano cakes or an elegant dessert with a small group of friends (obviously not with the colored chocolate on top). 

This cake should be eaten warm, so you can prepare the batter in advance and preheat the oven. When you are ready to serve dessert, fill the ramekins or tins, place in oven and bake for a few minutes. There are many different ways to embellish molten lava cakes:
  • Cascade red and orange chocolate to create volcanos (a personal favorite)
  • serve with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream & sprinkle with cocoa powder
  • or serve with fresh raspberries and powder sugar (YUM!)

The brand of chocolate you use is very important, especially in this recipe. I have made this same recipe with multiple brands. Here were the results:

BEST Brands:
Giradelli's (Walmart carries this brand and most grocery stores)
Vairhona (found at Trader Joe's & high end cooking places like Williams Sonoma)

Bakers (I would suggest not using this unless you have no other options) It's not as sweet of a chocolate and leaves a more bitter taste.

Now what you have all been waiting for... drum roll please

8 Tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, plus a bit more for molds
2 teaspoons flour, plus a bit more for dusting molds
4 ounces of bittersweet chocolate
2 large whole eggs
2 large egg yolks
1/4 cup of sugar

Makes four 4 or 5 ounce molds or ramekins

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
2. Butter and lightly flour molds/ ramekins (tap out excess flour)
3. In top of double broiler set over simmering water, combine butter and chocolate. Heat until just melted.

4. In bowl using electric mixer (I used my kitchen aid) beat together eggs, yolks, and sugar until light and thick.

5. Add melted chocolate mixture and beat to combine. (Make sure egg mixture does not harden from heat of chocolate mixture.)

6. Quickly beat in flour until just combined. Pour batter evenly in to the molds.

7. Place filled molds on a baking sheet and bake until the sides have set but the center remain soft, NO MORE THAN 6 to 7 MINUTES!! This is the key to this dessert- it cannot be over cooked!

8. Invert each mold onto a plate, let rest 10 seconds. Unmold by lifting up one corner of the mold, the cake will fall out onto the plate. Serve Immediately.

Enjoy this delicious dessert!
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  1. Bookmarked this for the future dinosaur party that seems inevitable ;)

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. This is such an interesting story at it gives in-depth information to the reader as well. Good thing you have it shared. herbal incense

  3. This is perfect! However I do not see much information on the molds, do you have a recommendation of what type?

  4. You can use anything really. Cupcake tins or any mini bunting pans like popover pans would be the perfect size because they are a bit taller than cupcake tins. I used my Williams Sonoma ice cream cone pan.

  5. Is that really only two teaspoons of flour? Just double checking. I have to admit that I freaked out a little and added two tablespoons instead. It still tasted DIVINE, but it wasn't runny in the middle - mushy, but not runny.

    1. I checked my recipe and it is 2 teaspoons of flour. That might be why it turned out mushy instead of runny. It takes very little flour for these... I'm glad you enjoyed them still! They are divine and simple to whip up! I love eating them right out of the oven;)

  6. Hi,
    How many cakes does the recipe make? Thanks!

  7. how many cupcakes does this make?


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