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Easter Party: Bloopers

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend with family, friends and the Easter bunny! Here are some bloopers from my Easter photoshoot.

Little Miss was so mad that she couldn't eat everything in the photoshoot. She finally found a little stool and put it right up to the edge of table. Finally she was able to reach the sweets.

So happy when she finally got some.

So upset when it was quickly taken away. Isn't the pout adorably funny!

Again trying to reach for anything she could get her hands on.

They would take turns taking a bit of the edible Easter basket. For some reason they had made up this rule that no hands were allowed in eating this delicacy. 

A close second favorite picture. That little girl does not let anything stand between her and her candy.

This is my favorite picture! That little smirk with chocolate & peep dust on his cheek.... and his blue eyes!

Going, going, gone!

Here are some of our Easter Egg Dying pictures. Note to self: egg dying and chocolate eating don't mesh when your only 18 months!

This is my niece, isn't she cute! She would hold her chocolate candy.... take a bite.... get her egg out of the dye with her hands.... take another bite of her chocolate. 

I love that she would get the egg out with her hands when she is holding a spoon in the other! Who needs a spoon anyway.

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