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Dinosaur Party: Dinosaur Egg Hunt Activity

Monday, May 2, 2011

Creating a fun party for kids always includes 2 things: the treats and the activities. Making fun sweets is sometimes the easiest part, but finding an activity that is new to the kids & something they will enjoy, is sometimes a daunting task. Look no further! We have the perfect activity that all the kids will love..... a dinosaur egg hunt.

We started with these mini watermelons or some people call them personal size watermelons. For a realistic dinosaur egg, you need it to be big (but not too large- a normal size watermelon is too large for a little kid) and heavy. These watermelons worked great.

You will be painting these watermelons so you will need cardboard or newspaper. We broke down a large box and used that cardboard (the cardboard was nice because it didn't have to worry about the watermelons sticking or tearing to paint.)

You can cover about 5 to 6 watermelons per bottle of paint. We used the Folk Art Vintage White. I really liked the color of this. It wasn't too yellow or tow gray the perfect base color for a dinosaur egg.

Start with one at a time and coat half of the watermelon and then move on tot he next. By the time you are finished (I was making 7) they will be dry and you can flip them over and coat the other side.

One coat will not be enough. As you can see in the picture above. Let the watermelon dinosaur eggs dry for 30 minutes or so before you apply the second coat.

Now that you have a nice even base coat you can start applying the "polka dots" on the dinosaur eggs. I wanted each to be a different color. We had one girl and 4 little boys so I wanted a pink or purple for her.

Now just make random dots all over the watermelon dinosaur eggs, varying the size of the polka dots. You will be able to put the dots about 3/4 and then have to let them dry for about a hour and then apply polka dots to the bottom.

Just before the kids arrive go hide them in shrubbery, rocks and dirt. You can hide them individually or have some in clumps like a nest of dinosaur eggs.

The kids LOVED finding these! It was a really fun activity for them. They also like cutting them open and eating the watermelon as snack. Some wanted to keep theirs and take them home.

Here is the birthday boy. Please forgive the chattering teeth, it was a winding day. He was so cute. He didn't want to wear his dinosaur hat outside because he didn't want to ruin it because it was so windy.

This little guy found his in the sandbox. He played with his dinosaur egg for so long. Moving from one place to the next. Putting it in baskets and wheelbarrows... anything he would find!
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  1. This looks interesting. Were you able to eat the inside of the watermelon and not waste it! I bet the kids did have fun with it.

  2. Yes, we were able to eat the watermelons because it was craft paint. It flaked off really easy after being cut. The kids had so much fun.

  3. Adorable. Absolutely adorable.


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