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Tangled Rapunzel Princess Collection

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you loved the new Disney movie Tangled as much as I did, I think you are really going to enjoy this Rapunzel/Princess Collection. I loved the magical scene where everyone in town lights a lantern and millions are floating in the air. That scene was my inspiration for this collection. I wanted to create that magical moment with lanterns hanging down all around the dessert table.

Our Tangled/ Rapunzel Princess Collection is made for a Royal Birthday with touches of crowns and shields for a royal birthday ball.

Assembly for the hanging lanterns are really easy. You just cut them out. Fold along the dotted lines and then either tape or glue the end tab to the other side, creating a square. I then punched a small hole on opposite corners (kiddy corner from each other). Then simply loop fishing wire through and you have a floating lantern! Hang them at different levels and depths to create a magical environment.

Here are the sweets and treats we had:
Magical Pineapple "Strands of Hair" favors with our Princess/ Rapunzel favor toppers available here

Princess Wands on our sun shield pattern paper from the Tangled/ Rapunzel Princess Collection

 Pina-Colada cake with our 6" Cake Topper in our Tangled/ Princess Collection

Strawberry Cupcakes with our Tangled/ Princess Cupcake Toppers

Kiss a frog Cookie 

Each guest received a sun box filled with princess goodies! The sun box template is part of the printable collection also!

5 water bottle wrappers  designs are included in our Printable package. 

Each Princess and Prince received a crown or princess party cone hat.  We then bedazzled with jewels and glitter!

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  1. Debbie these are amazing! I love the tangled. Lets do this for my birthday next year, k? haha

  2. The backdrop is preruffled fabric from Here is the link
    They call it Cheshire. It coordinates perfectly with Rapunzel's sleeve fabric!!!! I was so excited to find it!

    And Tasha... for sure were doing this for your birthday next year... you are the QUEEN!

  3. So pretty! I am in the midst of planning a tangled party for my daughter as well. What did you give as favors in the boxes?


  4. Thank you. I just had some pink and yellow jelly beans with another little cookie on top, but you could put anything in there. You could fill it with the gummy frogs or a crown cookie would be darling.

  5. AMAZING! So perfect and creative! Where did you find the pineapple twizzlers?

  6. Thank you for your sweet comments! I found the pineapple twizzlers at WinCo. Ihave seen then at other grocery stores though.

  7. is there a download file for you collection?
    i absolutely love it. my DD wants a tangeled party for her birthday its a lovely set

  8. Hi Andy,
    You can purchase the printables in my easy shop

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. Amazing :D could you tell me how to make those Princess wands? (treat)

  10. I bought them. They are rock candy on a wooden stick. I bought then from gygi'

  11. where did you get the drapery?

  12. I bought the fabric from


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