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Gingerbread Decorating Party

Friday, December 9, 2011

Decorating gingerbread houses is in my top 3 of things I LOVE to do during the Christmas season (my top 2 are decorating the Christmas tree/ house and making sweets!) So it was only natural that I have a gingerbread decorating party! I made homemade gingerbread parts for the houses the night before. Each guest/ child got a platter (shown above) with the walls, roof and sides to their own gingerbread house.  I filled a ramekin with cinnamon squares for their chimney if they choose to use them that way.

At each place setting there was a platter from Crate and Barrel with the gingerbread house parts. Off to the side was the round white plastic base for them to build their house on. We used our gingerbread house milk carton with a straw and one of our flag (from our gingerbread collection) for the "name card" and a gingerbread house sugar cookie from Dough Punchers boxed with a thank you for coming tag.

The table had quite the spread of sweets, treats and cupcakes for some more goodies to eat.... because we just didn't have enough sugar already! 

We also had a dessert table with more goodies on it with our printables

Our collection includes: drink wrappers, cupcake toppers, pattern papers, flags, gingerbread house template, banner, cupcake wrappers and much more!

Here is the back and side of the gingerbread house milk carton, embellished with icing details and decorations.

Our candy parfaits. Layered with red hots, strawberry puffs, peppermint candies and topped with "peppermint" sugar cookie (also by Dough Punchers) in a plastic shot glass. Then we attached one of our 2" toppers to a sucker stick for a little party pick!  

Add some color to your cookies by filling the tray with candies.... we used the classic red hots candies for that pop of color!

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  1. Spotted this gorgeous party via FB...and just had to pop over for a look! Goodness, you have thought of every adorable detail to make this interactive party extra-special. Love it!

  2. Thank you! We really had a fun time decorating gingerbread houses!

  3. i NEED that ribbon in the first photo!! where oh where did you find it? LOVE!


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