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Ring in the New Year....New Years Eve Party

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ring in the New Year with a party filled with pop, fizz and sparkles! Our printable New Years collection can be adapted to a sophisticated adult party or kid friendly affair. 

The beautiful photography is by She was amazing to work with!

 This New Yeas Eve collection is centered around the count down of the clock. We created a false ceiling with balloon and streamers hanging down.... we will have an tutorial on this later this week. It only took about 20 minutes. The only thing that took time was blowing up the balloons.

In our collection a 36" clock is included. This really adds a fun element to the party. I added glitter glue to the numbers to add more sparkle.

Sparklers and confetti are a must to Ring in the New Year. We have sparkler tags in our printable collection.

We made homemade confetti to match our color scheme perfectly! Our tutorial will be up in a couple days. It is extremely easy and a lot cheaper! We added the confetti to the decor to add color without a big expense.

I loved these candle holders I found at Crate & Barrel. I have been wanting to use them for mini cupcake holders for a while. I added confetti and curly ribbon to the bottom.

Bubble wrappers and confetti popper wrappers are included in our Pop, Fizz, Sparkle New Years Eve  collation too!

Add blueberries to your Champagne, wine or sparkling cider!

Since we had just had Christmas we wanted to make this collection easier for everyone so the food is simple and some store bought items.

We made bite size blueberry/ blackberry cheesecakes. We started with the no bake cheesecake mix and instead of putting it in a 9x12 pan we put it in mini cupcake tins with a wrapper of course! You just put a little curst in each one then add the filling in each one. Refrigerate for at least a hour. We drizzeled our homemade blueberry sauce and added a blackberry on top for height and a little dazzle.

Confetti cupcakes with editable confetti that we made out of airhead candies. Just cut little strips of airheads and curl around a pencil or sucker stick and small squares to use as confetti! Easy and only cost about .50 cents!

Mini cupcakes which are perfect bite size items for a New Years party. We drizzled blue chocolate then added peal candies and air head confetti on top!

You can't have New Years without "midnight kisses"! So we added hershey kisses with kiss toppers.

Also, we made "tic toc" mint labels for our tic tacs mints for your midnight kiss. This is my favorite item from the collection.

We made these fun sugar cookie clocks.... they looked so good on the table. We sprinkled them with white fine crystals and then piped circle dots and clock hands.

We had various candies too. Like almond joy dots, mint dots and grapefruit candies (these are a personal favorite).

 Candy Oreos sticks- you can make wrappers and decorations with our patterned paper and party circles.
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  1. This is such a unique & festive New Year's color palette! Great printables collection -- with a 36" clock, no less!

  2. I'm glad you like it. I wanted something fun, fresh and unique while still having it feel New Years Eve! The clock is one of my favorite parts. The best thing is it is just a black and white print so it only cost a couple dollars to print!

  3. Hi Debbie ,,
    Happy 2012 ,,, Thanks you for the New year printables ,, I just want to share it to you,,,
    Im already a liker of your FB page
    I enjoyed doing my buffet ... all the best to you and your business,, cheers ... Joy of SweetHomparties

  4. Amazing!! Unique idea of making sugar cookie clocks! How this idea came to your mind? And how you made them? I am very much interested for celebration at best nye party nyc! So can you share tutorial here for my help in planning for party?

    1. I'm glad you liked them so much. They are really simple to make. Just make sugar cookies and frost them in white frosting. Then add dots and the "clock hands" with a small piping tip..... super easy!

  5. That clock is a cool touch! We tried the balloons in the ceiling idea for my daughter's birthday but it did not look as great as this.

    Peabody MA party venue


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