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Santa's Milk & Cookie Workshop Dessert Table- Christmas Collection

Monday, December 12, 2011

We all know that Santa loves nothing more than Milk & Cookies so, we decided to create a Milk & Cookies Workshop this year for our Holiday dessert table printable collection. This is how I think Santa's dessert table would look like in the north pole.

Our Santa's got stuck down the chimney! We created these up on the house top Cinnamon Squares "Chimneys"with Santa's feet sticking out the top!

One of our favor toppers were "milk cartons". You can fill with sweets, treats and especially cookies! "Just add milk" was our tag line for these as, cookies always taste better with a little milk... Just ask Santa!

We created many different cookies for our Santa's Milk & Cookies Workshop dessert table.

First, I LOVE our "milk & cookies cupcakes".  I wanted them to look like a glass of milk with a dipped cookie. I frosted the cupcakes white (for the milk) and made mini gingersnaps to top the cupcakes with. You can't forget the straw, which really helps it look like a glass of milk!

Chocolate whoppie pies decorated with sprinkles around the perimeter gives them that extra festive touch.

Sugar cookie North Pole flags (flags are part of our printable collection).

Our Santa's Workshop wouldn't be complete with gingerbread men! To create the stand for the gingerbread cookies I used a styrofoam cylinder and wrapped the perimeter with ribbon. (Note: the ribbon should be be a 1/4" higher than the styrofoam so it creates a little ledge) Then I stuck the cookies into the styrofoam and filled with red hots. (This is why you need that little rim/ledge with the ribbon to keep the candy of your choice from spilling out all over!)

For those "Naughty" guest of yours. We create peppermint cake pops covered with crush oreos. These were a really big hit!

Our printable collection includes the Santa's Milk and Cookies Banner and large signs "Milk's Favorite Cookie" & "Santa's Taste Testers".

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  1. The whole party is adorable, but I love the milk and cookies cupcakes the most! (And the Stuck Santas are too cute). Beautiful spread throughout!

  2. Thanks! Those were my favorite parts as well.

  3. Oh my! What an adorable dessert table! Awesome job!!

  4. What I love is that this table is also simple to make. The sweets are tasty and won't take you long to create... as there's never enough time.

  5. Where did the milk cartons come from? So cute!!!

    1. They are part of my printable package. These are not real milk cartons, but able to be filled with goodies not milk or liquid drinks:) Let me know if you have any othe questions.

    2. Exactly! I wanted to create a realistic Holiday Dessert Table that could really be done ;) I'm glad you enjoyed our table set up. Many of the items are able to be done ahead of time.


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