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Vintage Airmail Plane Collection

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sorry for the long absence. This last month as been crazy filled with family events, but I am back and have so  many exciting collections and treats to share you. The first one is our Vintage Airmail Plane Collection! This collection was custom made for a client and I have recently added many items to make it a complete printable collection. I'm so excited to show you all the piece.

My inspiration was all the old airmail stickers and the classic color scheme of red white and dark blue with touches of the light blue to update it.

Our Vintage Airmail Plane Collection includes these adorable tent fold favor toppers. I also, think it would be cute to package licorice with these favor toppers.

And personalized party circles that can be used as cupcake toppers, stickers, party hat emblems,  napkin ring holders, tags, etc.... The possibilities are endless. Also, we have 4 different pattern paper in the collection that we made the mini airplane out of.... I loved this little detail.

I scoured the internet for a good and fun and EASY airplane to fold. We used this paper airplane. It has very easy step by step instructions to follow. I also, recommend that you print on a good quality printer paper NOT CARDSTOCK or the PrintWorks paper I suggest printing everything with!!!! It will be hard to fold and start to tear. 


We made little plane and big planes out of our printable paper ad had them everywhere for the kids to play with. I think it would so cute to make an airplane garland out of them and string them with the banner... too bad I thought of it after the party.

But my favorite part that my client wanted me to design for her were mini labels to go over these metal suitcases. I just love how they turned out!!!! You can buy them at any craft stores. I got these from Roberts (I love the light blue handle that matched perfectly with the color scheme). I have seen them at Michaels, grocery stores and Hobby Lobby. Assembling these are really easy too. You can make them stickers and just place them on or print them on sticker paper or just attach them double stick tape.

You could have a suitcase at each place setting filled with sweets and treats. We placed a mini airplane in each suitcase/ luggage for them to play with. The metal luggage suitcases can get pricy so a more cost effective solution would be to get white cardboard boxes from Micheals. They are $1 (I used them here in my 14 Days of Valentines  ) and make "packages" tie with a bow in the adorable red and white stripe twine.

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