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Eek, Shriek and be Scary Halloween Collection

Friday, October 21, 2011

Eek, Shriek and be Scary this Halloween! I'm so excited to share my Halloween Collection with you, as it is filled with fun, easy and creative DIY creations.

We had triple dipped candycorn carmel apples (that brightened up the table). These were a huge success and turned out fabulous!

 Our Brownie and pretzel skeletons were a spooktacular edition. We made a pan of brownies in a square pan because we wanted them thick, cutting them into squares (don't forget to cut the edges off). Then covered them in ganache. Place a short bamboo skewer or sucker stick close to the back and pile white chocolate pretzels. Top with a marshmallow with a cute skeleton face (drawn on by editable markers) and package with our fun skeleton tag.

As we all know there are more then plenty of treats at Halloween, so we added a little no sweet treat for the kids.... Cheese balls... fun, festive and something children and adults love.

Bedazzle your snickerdoodle cookies with sprinkles! We mixed black, yellow and orange to make a custom Halloween mix and rolled it in the sprinkles instead of cinnamon and sugar before baking. Attach our tag from our Eek, Shriek and be Scary Halloween Collection. Place a stack of cookies in a cupcake liner and tie with decorative twine. 

My favorite dessert piece/ game we had though was our Trick or Treat TIC TAC TOE. In our Printable collection we have 4 TIC TAC TOE card designs. We made mini apothecary jars filled with candycorns on one side and candy pumpkins on the for a complete TIC TAC TOE game. We made mini broomsticks to swipe the game after it's completed.

We created our own large patterned paper pinwheels that we hung from the ceiling with 8" centerpiece design emblems in the center.

For an easy centerpiece gather some sticks from the yard and made fun sparkling branches. We first spray painted them black. After they were dry we sprayed them again with glitter glue. Then covered them in glitter (we even made up our own concoction since we could find that perfect blend of black and purple. The finishing touch was the candycorn garlands that we glittered as well.

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