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Ready. Set. Hut. PARTY! Football Birthday Party or Super bowl Party

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ready. Set. Hut. It's time to PARTY! Get ready for the big game with our Football Party Pack. It is filled with fun and exciting item that would be perfect for any Super Bowl or Football Birthday! Our inspiration for our football party was the colors and patterns you see at THE BIG GAME! 

Since food is such a large part of the super bowl and any birthday celebration. We had 3 different "sections" to our dessert/ food table. 

The first one was the drinks.... We wanted a wide variety available. We had root beer, sodas and water. 

We wanted to create a birthday party collection as if they were at the Super Bowl.... so we use roman numeral's for the number (there are 2 options for this collection: If you are wanting it for a Super Bowl you can choose to have the initial for the team your rooting for or blank..... and the number would be the # of the super bowl that year!)

The texture of leather is used through out our designs (we even have a leather pattern paper included in the party pack)

We have 2 drink wrapper size in our party pack: 1 that is 2.5" high that can be used for mini water, normal water bottles, beer bottles or root beer bottles.

We also wanted to include a size that would fit a soda can or beer can.

You couldn't celebrate a football game without a large foam finger waving in the crowds! Attach them to a striped straw or stick for rooting on your team.

Our next "section" was the sweets! I really had fun with the football treats! We created goal post cupcakes with a little football and mini foam fingers as cupcake toppers! Read on for more of our football desserts.

We dipped potato chips in chocolate and then drizzled white chocolate over them.... these were divine for those people that love salty sweet desserts.... that's ME... I love the salty sweet combo!

Chocolate Football cookies- add simple frosting across the top for the stitching for that special touch.  

Fresh popcorn for all the for THE BIG GAME!

My favorite creation was the Chocolate covered Oreo "Play book".... We dipped Oreos in chocolate adding X's and O's. We placed them on our football field printable paper (available in our printable party pack) to create a "football play".

Then we added one of our Football goal toppers attach end creating a mini football field. It was a huge hit!

 Our third "section" was Meats! You can't have  football party with meat.


 We had sliders and packages of doritos for our guest. You could also have hotdogs and a nacho bar would really fun..... having lots of different topping for them to add to their nacho cheese. This would be simple and allow to you focus on the game, socializing and watching the super bowl commercials!

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  1. What a great way to celebrate for the Super Bowl


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