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Valentine's Day Party- Cupid's Post Office!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to Cupids post office! We had so much fun creating and stylizing this Valentines Day collection. This is probably hands down my favorite creation yet. It is so many unexpected elements and designs.... We wanted this collection to be interchangeable so you can use the printables in many different ways! You might remember our 14 days of Valentines from last year.... this year we are having 14 days of how to use our printable pack for your Valentine's sweets and treats! 

The years theme was Cupid's Post Office! There are 2 parts to this Valentines Party. The first is the dessert table that is filled with sweet desserts that are cupid worthy and then a Valentine station.... aka Cupid's Post office, where the kids can make valentines and "deliver" them to everybody's mailboxes!  All of the printables you see including the Cupids LOVE Mail sign, mailbox labels and Cupid's post office sign are included in our Valentine party pack

For Cupid's post office we created a pink and red stripe awning to invite the kids in to sit and make their valentines. We hung light pink tulle on the sides so it was closed in and gave a softer look and strung garlands, our be mine banner, rick rack and mailboxes from the awning.

The backdrop was a hand drawn sketch of a chair rail and paneling on white butcher paper with red and white stripe wrapping paper as the "wallpaper."  We added this little felt heart garland that we found at Michaels ($2). It was a great finishing touch to what I think Cupid's chair rail would look like!

We wanted a spot where the kids could come and create their valentines. They had an array of containers {boxes, paper bags, and clear bags}, candy and valentines to make, allowing them to create a special valentine for each person on their list!

For the decorations I painted a metal mailbox red and added white hearts to the sides. To give a little extra height I had a vase of red twigs. We hot glued our party circles, red glitter pom poms, and our heart pockets  filled with candies and a little note/ flag to each of the guest. They had fun finding their name and to see what was in their heart pocket.

Now for the details on the dessert table.... we really pushed the "envelope" on this one. lol

My favorite item I created... well I had many favorite, but this is definitely on the top of the list... heart cupcake toppers! They are 3 dimensional heart pockets!!! Fill with candy and a little note to send some love this Valentine's Day on top of your cupcakes!

Since Cupid's Post Office was our theme, we incorporated postal items including candy bar wrappers that look like envelopes, post cards and stamps.

My favorite one is the 5 things I heart about you. You can write your top 5 things you love about your valentine or your top 5 memories... etc! Other wrappers had: Hello Valentine, Be mine Valentine and Love

We displayed the candy wrappers (there are multiple sizes included) in a mailbox as it was mail being delivered especially to you

Mini candy bar wrappers as well!

 The favor toppers are square like a postage stamp and has the seal of delivered from Cupids Post Office on it.... sending Valentine wishes your way!

Also, we included hearts and arrow throughout out the collection, like our shot through the heart brownies and arrow garlands. Heart food labels that will showcase any of your Valentine desserts! Just fold at top and tape/ glue the flaps at the bottom together. 

We cut heart shaped brownies {just with a heart cookie cutter} and stuck an arrow through it with a flag!

We made a arrow garland with our paper straw arrows, heart printables and tiny red glittery pom poms (also from Michaels and about $2-3) .... one of my favorite parts of the collection! We created arrows out of paper straws and the arrow points and heart "feathers" are included in our Valentine collection. These are really simple to make! It took me less then 5 minutes to create them... literally!

We had a blow of hershey kisses with our printable on them!

Red and white polka boxes with various printable tags.... again we use the heart pockets. Attach the to a x and slip a little note inside for a special valentine!

Pink lemonade was served with light pink polka dot straws with our heart toppers and flags.

Postage stamp sugar cookies

These little heart favor boxes we filled with candy and a sweet surprise! There are 5 designs included in our party pack!

We used our party circles as tags for our hot pink heart rice crispy treat "suckers" We attached them to a heart paper straw and then drizzled them in white chocolate and added tiny hot pink circle sprinkles.

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  1. Soooo adorable! What incredible sweetness!

  2. Thanks Michelle! This is one of my favorites so far. I had so much fun designing and creating these printables!

  3. Just wanted you to know how ADORABLE this is and that I pinned it!

  4. Soooo cute! Saw your party on Kara's party ideas! I love your designs and your etsy shop! Super cute! Also, I have to ask, is this Debbie Messmer that I graduated in Interior Design with at BYU-Idaho? This is Lisa. If so, check out my blog at, leave me your e-mail. I'd love to see what you're up to these days!

  5. Hey Lisa! Yeah it's me.... How are you? I went to check out your blog, but I think you put it down wrong.... it couldn't find it:(
    Email me I'd love to catch up with you!


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