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Neon/ Glow in the Dark Party

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You might remember Conner and Drew's Superhero birthday party from last year.... Well they are now a year older now and I again had the privilege to create some printables for their birthday bash! This year they wanted a neon/glow in the dark party. We came up with the theme... Get your glow on at Conner and Drew's B-day BASH!

Here are the invites we created to get all the kids excited and mark their calendar for the biggest party of the year! Available in our Shop.

Multiple fun signage to lead them the right way. The party was at there local skating rink... The Skate Place!

This way to the party of the year... and boy did they mean it! This is what the kids walked into....

I love the slinks hanging from the ceiling! They had many sweets and treats, including cake & cupcakes, cookies and lots of glowastical candy.

The cake even lit up!

Cupcakes with our cupcake toppers

It's always so fun to see your designs and creation be put on cookies, cupcake and cakes! These cookies were designed after our printables 

Our large party circles were were used in the candy bar and center pieces. (Included in our Neon- Glow in the dark collection)
For the beverages there were 3 choices: Refreshing water, "Conner" Crush Soda and Mountain "Drew"... and did you know that Mountain dew really glows in the dark! Awesome to have at any neon party!

Every kid got a goody bag filled with items to allow them to sparkle and glow like necklace, rings, wands, poppers and much more! They were getting their glow on!

They created glow in the dark t-shirts and had glow in the dark face painting for some fun activities and to ensure everyone glowed!

Everyone had a blast.... kids and adults alike!

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  1. how did you get your cakes to glow

  2. Hi Monica! We just added glow in the dark cubes and sprays that we had all around so the cake would light up as well! After the party I stumbled up this if you REALLY want it to glow in the dark

  3. The centerpieces are neon buckets filled with treats and tissue paper. Glow in the dark cubes were placed throughout. It was a fun addition that made the buckets glow. Then stick glow sticks and our centerpieces circles on top.

  4. If I use LED lights (small round) in the buckets would it have the same neon lighting/glow in the dark effect?

    1. I would think so! LED lights are very similar to glow sticks.

  5. I need help with my neon / glow in the dark party I want a glow in the dark cake but I don't no were to order it from please help me

    1. I didn't get this cake so I don't know where she got it. I just designed the printables for this party. I'm so sorry I can't help more. I would check local cake bakeries and ask if they can do anything like the picture above.


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