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Taste the Rainbow birthday party

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taste the Rainbow in cupcakes! We know there are a lot of Rainbow birthday parties out there so we wanted to do something a little different for our Rainbow birthday party collection. We created a taste the rainbow birthday with a different cupcake for each color in the rainbow.

We wanted the background to be simple so the cupcakes, desserts and printables would be the main focal point with fun bright colors. Each cupcake flavor was displayed on a coordinating color platter. We had them at varying heights and sizes to add some interest. For the garlands we punched out a colorful circle garland {in no particular order} and clouds with a mini taste the rainbow banner.  

Blue: Cotton candy toppers! Get a bucket of cotton candy and twirl it on a sucker stick.... that's all!

Purple: Grape dum dum suckers


Pink: Strawberry cupcakes

Red: Cherry cupcakes

Orange: orange flavored frosting with a orange gumball on top

Yellow: Lemon cupcakes. Add lemon zest and lemon drop for a little decoration

Green: Key Lime Cupcakes

Other desserts we had at our Rainbow themed party was rainbow white chocolate popcorn. Toss air popcorn in melted white chocolate, then drizzle red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and green chocolate over the top. This was a huge success and very tasty!

You can't have a Taste the Rainbow collection without skittles! We divided all the layers and place it in an apothecary jar for guest to dig in throughout the night.

We also had mini cupcakes with rainbow slices in them.

Mini rainbow hershey bar wrappers

We also had small bags of jelly belly jelly beans for the goes to take. My family plays a game that we pick up a color and guess what flavor it is by the color and see if we are right! Try it at you next rainbow party!

Our collection has rectangle and circle toppers

Drink the rainbow wrappers for the water bottles. You could also gather different drinks in all the shades of the rainbow for a fun drink bar to pair with the Taste the Rainbow cupcakes you have.


For the favors we had a clear box filled with laughy taffy. They were displayed on a platter with jelly bellys

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  1. i have just discovered your blog and it is AMAZING! the pictures are so beautiful.. your rainbow party looks like it was a success :)

  2. Thank you! I'm still learning photography right now so it a work in progress! The rainbow party was a success! Who doesn't love cupcakes and so many flavors.

  3. Where can I find the bowls and labels?


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