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Star Wars birthday party collection

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome to the dark side.... My nephews LOVE Star Wars and have been begging for me to create a Star Wars party for them. My brother and sister-in-law were going on a cruise and I was babysitting for the next week so I thought I would be their favorite Aunt and create a Star Wars party for all of them! We invited the other nephews over and had a blast! It was so much fun... We all dressed up and each had our own part. Which side would you be on? Our Star Wars printable are available in our Shop.

I had everything set up and it just looked like it need something else.... looked a little bland or missing something, so I whipped this Death Star balloon up in a couple minutes. (please excuse the sloppiness. It was done in the wee hours of the night/ morning when I wasn't fully thinking straight) But you get the idea. It was really easy to make and created the dramatic look I was looking for..... Plus it was only .35 cents! I love inexpensive ideas!  I just attached the balloon to the backdrop with tape. Make where you tie the balloon to be the back of the Death Star to hide the tie.

I used some "Christmas Icicles" to create a space feeling, with matter, rocks and particles swirling around in space. Awesome right.... who knew Christmas decorations would be so resourceful!

The banner was interweaved with the dark matter. 

The desserts we had were Star Wars worthy for sure! 

We made mini "Death Star" chocolate pies. We used these really cool slanted dishes from Crate and Barrel. 1. Fill the bottom with crushed Oreos
2. Fill with chocolate filling (I like Pioneer Womans Chocolate pie it's one of my favorites! A must try if you have never tried it!!!)   
3. Top with some additional Oreos and a peanut butter cup or I made these little chocolate cups 
4. Top with one our tags from our Star Wars Birthday Collection

Chocolate Cupcakes with our Star Wars cupcake toppers 

I found these Star War pez dispensers and knew I had to incorporate them! ps the kids LOVED them! I found them at Party City

Wookie cookies.... I searched long and hard for something I thought would be wookieish... I think I found the best solution... Little Debbie's Star Crunch cookies. I haven't eaten one in 15 years.... They were just as good as I remembered when I ate them as a kid. This makes for an easy favor. I placed 2 into each favor.

Stormtropper marshmallow pops. It's really hard to get a dark true black frosting so I bought the black frosting out of a tube and just made simple  markings to resemble Stromtroppers. 

Which side are you on? ... good vs evil... Welcome to the dark side!

You can't have a Star Wars birthday party without lightsabors. I wanted something that actually glowed so I found little glow in the dark "sticks" I had red, green and blue. Also had coordinating red and blue airheads.

Since Star Wars is good vs evil {and we all dressed up and split between the 2 sides} I had good and evil for every treat so they could continue the acting out and battling each other.

We also had silly string in green, blue, red and black. This was one of the activities.... I know I'm probably too old for it, but I still love a good silly string fight!

TIP: It was hard finding all the colors. I found that Hobby Lobby carried them all.

Candy bar wrappers are also included in the Star Wars collection

As I was searching for foods that were in the actual books and movies I stumbled upon the Star Wars Wikipeadia, they had a whole section of foods that were in the book! I loved this and it really helped me. These are actual donut/ pastries which they ate in Star Wars! (they loved their donuts!  there are tons of donut names) I chose to serve Iced donuts with dark matter sprinkles and Smuggler's Delight (antidote to Giggle Dust), which we also had!

Princess Leia cinnamon rolls for the good side

We had mini waters for the drinks. I didn't want something sweet with all the other sweets I was serving.

Jedi training was in full swing with the little kiddos! This one was extremely talented with a lighsabor (he also enjoyed the glow in the dark lightabors.... he liked taking all of them and twirled them round in the dark. We had a battle in the dark with a fort we built!)

I made the little Jedi outfit without a pattern. I just sewed brown fabric together made slits on the side and a hole for the head and they had a twine rope belt. It was simple, but allowed them to be in costume as well.

We had stormtroppers protecting the dessert table until everyone got there....

Darth Vader had some mad skills... He was the honorary guest that I designed the party for


Silly string fight outside- depending who they were they received coordinating colored silly string. The silly string ran out way too fast! Note for next time buy at least 2 cans for each kid and include myself! I told you I love a good silly string battle!

Giggle Dust.... remember those powder filled jelly donuts above "Smuggler's Delight", they are the antidote to Giggle Dust.

Austie didn't eat one and well... when the giggle dust was flying around it, it got the best of him!

I custom made the "giggle dust" with tissue paper squares. I just cut tissue paper into strips and then into squares. We threw and collected the giggle dust over and over again, rolling around in it and taking turns with everyone throwing it at a single person.

As they all sat down, they sat according to "their sides" without being told! Good vs Evil (see the giggle dust still in Princess Leia's hair)

This picture cracks me up.... as "Darth Vader" and a "Stormtropper" enjoy the desserts with their feet up, relaxing from the battles of the day, enjoying a donut with dark matter sprinkles.

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