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Enter the Magical World of the CIRCUS

Friday, May 11, 2012

Come one- Come all to Andie's Circus Birthday Party! Enter the Magical World of the Circus! Step right up and see Ella the elephant and her sidekick Squeak, the mouse.... Now you can create your own Circus or Carnival party with our printable party pack available here. We had lots of treats, sweets and prizes for the kids to enjoy.  

For the decoration I wanted to make a dramatic focal point so I made a canopy looking like a tent that you would walk through in a circus or carnival. I created the tent by draping red and white striped fabric, then adding light blue and red tulle underneath to add a little color, texture and volume to the canopy. We then placed our Circus sign at top

Popcorn was served in red and white stripe bags.... come get while it's HOT! It was a must for a Circus/ Carnival.

We package mini bags of peanuts in aqua blue fabric bags with our fun peanut tag for Ella the elephant- so you could "feed Ella" with or snack on them yourself.

Peanuts for Ella the Elephant and her side kick Squeak "the mouse"

Ella was my inspiration for the whole circus theme birthday I created! I loved the mini mouse on her back.... I just had to have her!

Here is our Star of the "Andie's" Circus Birthday party! 

Our scurrying "circus mice" were scattered all around our Circus dessert bar seeking out something sweet to eat.

Other fun treats were oversized animal cookies with drizzled frosting and sprinkles, cupcakes done simply with white cream cheese frosting and topped with colorful sprinkles.

We also wanted to acknowledge the Ring Master (Andie the birthday boy) so we created these Ring Master face mustache sucker holders. We placed a chocolate mustache in the center for the favor.... "The sensational CIRCUS Spectacular presents Andie's Birthday!"

Our cupcakes were decorated simply with a large star tip, topped with colorful sprinkles and our cupcake toppers. 

Over sized animal cookies. (we also included hearts and stars)

And normal animal cookies!

Circus banner available in our printable party pack

The magnificent never ending gobstopper sucker with our "the End" thanks for coming tag.

For drinks we had brightly colored red and blue jones soda pops to add a splash of color.

Mini goldfish for each participant! 

In our printable party pack  Circus hats are included. Each one of our guest received one. We embellished them with a red fuzzy balls on top to.

2 different designs are included! Enter the Magical world of Andie's Circus & Andie's Circus turns 3.

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  1. I LOVE this! Where did you get the elephant and mouse? Also the link to the printables are broken can you tell me the store on Etsy you got them from, thank you and absolutely wonderful job!

  2. Hi Lydia!
    Thank you for your sweet comments it really does make my day when I find someone has enjoyed my party. I no longer have an Etsy shop our new shop is
    Here is a direct link to the collection

    You can find our coordinating invite and signs under the Gender Neutral tab.
    Let me know if you need anything else.

  3. Hi i was wondering how did you get the fabric to hang that way with the birthday sign?

  4. I made loops of fishing wire that I hung from the ceiling. I worked great and made it look even more magical!

  5. Well I guess its a happiest party. I love all the stuffs starting from the party hat to the instant canopy design. Great ideas.

  6. I really would love to replicate this look for my nephews Circus Themed 1st bday party. I am in love with your table setup. Would you be able to tell me where you got the elephant? I was looking for something similar but cant come close to finding something as cute. Also when I order the sign, should I get it printed at Staples as a poster or something like that? Please help me :)

    1. I will contact you about the Ella the elephant whether it's sold or not in a week or so. For print you can print at Staples, or Office Depot..... those are my 2 favorite places to print items at.

  7. I also love this and would like to have this kind of party for my son's 1st birthday.
    Could you please tell me where I can get the elephant? Is it still available?

  8. Hi there! I love your canopy and was wondering how to replicate it? Did you use a photographer's backdrop stand and how did you get the peak in the middle? Thank you!


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