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Modern Train Birthday Party

Saturday, May 5, 2012

All aboard the Austin Express!!!! I created this Modern Train collection for my nephew Austin. He LOVES trains and sprinkles! So I tried to put sprinkles on everything I possibly could. You can purchase all of our printables in Wants and Wishes shop

For his Modern Train Birthday party I wanted the dessert bar to look like a train station transformed into a "Sweet Station" on platform "3" (or whatever the age of you child). I designed banners, stop signs & train crossings to create the atmosphere of being in a Train station.

Many people have asked me how these large formatted prints are printed and how I assembled them! There are 2 options on how to print them. You can print them black and white or full color. Black and white runs about .50 - $1 and color is around $4-$5 a square foot depending on where you go. 

If you go with the the black and white print you will also get the "lights" on the train crossing stop sign so you can print those out in color and just attic them on! 

My nephew LOVES sprinkles more than any kid I know. (We once took a trip to Disneyland and he cried that he didn't get sprinkles on his ice-cream, so they went back and got some sprinkles on the side for him. He didn't touch his ice-cream and just ate the sprinkles by the handfuls!!! It was so funny! Needless to say I knew I needed to add lots of sprinkles to everything I possibly could for his birthday.

Chugga chugga your drink. We created some fun drink wrappers for your train fuel! 

For the train desserts we had chocolate cupcakes with LOTS of sprinkles. 

Black and white striped suckers with our thank you tag "Thanks for riding the Austin Express"

We had candied popcorn (his second favorite thing in the world)

Favors filled with chicklets (M&M's would be cute too)

My favorite dessert I create was the original railroad train track sugar cookies (also coated in sprinkles) and mini train cakes and candies they could fill their train up with. This was one of the activities we had. 

1st you select your track

Then you select your train 

You can then decorate the train with and or fill the train with candy cargo. 

You could select just one candy or mix all different candies together.

Here were our candy cargo options! Lots of fun options to choose from. The candied rocks and blue chicklets were among the favorites!

Oreo sticks "logs" & red licorice "rebar" 

The possibilities are endless and so exciting to create you own personal edible train track and train. You could even make cure railroad track pieces! 

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  1. Super cute! I love the build your own train idea!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Really cute! I'm going to use some of your ideas for my son's birthday party! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Gorgeous party!!! I'd love to feature you. Email me pics at


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