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Haunted House Halloween Party

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I have created 2 Halloween collections this year.... yes you heard me 2 different collections! The first one I want to share with you is our Haunted House collection. It is a modern and fun "haunted House" with lots of eerie treats but nothing too scary for the little ones! We wanted a glamourous and whimsical Halloween to brighten up your Halloween!

We staged our Haunted House halloween dessert table to look like it was in the cellar of the a witches spell binding den. I used the spiderweb window that is in the milk carton to make it look like you are "in the haunted house"! (very inexpensive to print only .50 cents per foot! Was only $2) 

You can't have a witches den without a broom (tutorial here- Under 5 minutes and $5 broom) We hung our broom from styrofoam chains with bats hanging upside down from it. (bat template included in Haunted House collection)

The backdrop is "green with envy". It added the perfect touch! 

Now for the halloween treats.... We made haunted house cartons that you can fill with goodies for a little favor or you can have the guest "trick or treat" at the dessert table . Happy haunting!!!!

A cage held "fresh bats" {hershey bars} for ingredients needed in spells and potions. 

To make bats simply wrap the mini candy bars.  Cut the bat template out of black card stock. Place the bat on a flat surface. Then hot glue a sucker stick and then the candy bar in the center. Wait for 2-3 minutes and it should be dry! Is tuck mine in some styrofoam to make them look like they were flying around the cage.

 Other desserts were gummy toads and "glittery" cupcakes.

You can also just use the mini candy bar wrappers on their own.

My favorite treats I created for this collection is our ding dong the Witch is dead & the vampire cookies!

We had monster candles from Department 56 flanking the "ding dong the witch is dead treats and coffin boxes with vampire sugar cookies.

We made our coffin boxes have a print on the inside also! Just print on of the coordination pattern papers from the collection on the reverse side and you have a cute print on the inside too! You can do the same pattern or mix and match for fun and bright options.

I took a ding dong and drizzled green chocolate to make it look like a witch was melting and attached our witches feet printables on top!

Favors filled with candy corn.... a halloween must and personal favorite

A quick drink of orange soda before heading out to trick or treat

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  1. I love this so much!!! Ding dongs, candles, milk cartons--how can I make the milk cartons?!?

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! The milk cartons are available in my shop! They are part of the printable PDF party package!


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