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12 Days of Holiday Decorations and packaging ideas: Day 1 Ruffle Fabric 2 tone Wreath

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tis the Season to decorate your house and make pretty packaged presents.
 I have 12 really fun and easy DIY that ANY level of crafter can do! 

Today to start the kick off to Holiday decorating crafts I created this DIY striped ruffle fabric wreath! It took only a hour and a half to create.... I had to design it too!

First you will need to select your fabric. I used ruffle fabric's lucky fabric, a two tone green fabric, but their red and white "peppermint" fabric would be darling too! Ruffle fabric is great because they will get your fabric to you quick! If you use my same size you will need 2 yards, but could make 3 or 4 wreaths out of the yardage. Any striped fabric would work though! I just loved the texture it gave the wreath.

Then you will then need to select your styrofoam wreaths. (Because I did the green fabric I chose a green wreath. If you do the peppermint or any other color I would select the white styrofoam wreath)

Next measure the circumference of wreaths. I used a 12" and 14" wreaths. If you do my sizes make one strip 48" long by 7" wide and one 39" long and 7" wide. To cut the ruffle fabric cut in between the ruffles like shown above. Cut the length so the ruffles are going horizontal

I found it easiest to place the wreath in your lap and and have it leaning on a table (i'm at my kitchen table here) That way it stays in place and is easy to work with.

Heat your glue gun and place a long line of glue about 2 or 3 inches on the center of the outer part of the wreath.

Roughly place the center of the fabric strip down and pat it making sure it is glued down. The ruffles will be going vertical.

Fold back the section that is not glued down and and place another long strip of glue. Repeat until you are at the end

Where the 2 ends meet you might need to trim a ruffle or two off.... It's better to have to trim then not enough.

The fabric will be glued to the outer edge. Fold over the ruffles and see where it hits on your wreath. Then glue the inner ruffles the same by a strip of hot glue. When the first side is tacked dow, match up your first ruffle and tack every other ruffle down with a dot of hot glue.

Repeat with your second tier of wreath.

Glue top wreath to the bottom wreath where they connect. Add a bow and you done! Hang outside or in your house!

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