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Day 2 Tissue Paper Garland

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 2: Tissue Paper garland. These are such fun garlands to make! All you need is twine, tissue paper, rubber cement and a circle punches. For $5 you could make oodles of garlands, of all different sizes and colors. 

With these garlands I did a random pattern with 2 different circle sizes and colors.

1. Punch out circles with tissue paper (If your punch is tearing the circles put a piece of scratch paper so it punches through the tissue paper first then your scratch piece of paper. This can happen because tissue paper isn't strong enough to withhold the pressure of the punch alone)

2. Place rubber cement glue on one of the circles place the twine on top of the glue then place another circle and press together

3. Repeat and your done! Simple as that!

You can also use our fun garland to brighten up a package

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