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Day 3: Red Hot Cinnamon Roll Recipe with red hot glaze

Friday, December 7, 2012

I have been waiting forever to share this delicious recipe with you! Red Hot Cinnamon Rolls! Yes RED HOT cinnamon rolls. It's a twist on the traditional cinnamon roll. If you like cinnamon bears, red hots and other cinnamon flavored candies you will LOVE this recipe!

I was at my parents house for Sunday dinner and my Mom made homemade rolls for dinner and had a little extra dough left over, so each of the grandkids got a little bit to play with and make into a dessert roll of sorts. Then like a flash it hit me..... why don't you make cinnamon rolls with different type of cinnamon- with RED HOTS!!! I didn't know if it would work or even taste good or if it the red hots would be hard as rocks after cooking. No one thought they would be any good and doubted if it was possible.

The only problem was I had no dough.... I begged for a little piece of each of the grandkids and promised in return to make them something extra special with their dough. I made 2 small red hot cinnamon rolls..... and they were devoured! IN SECONDS after I tried them. My doubts about the red hots being too hard didn't happen. They were almost all the way melted so it just gave them a little crunch, but not like eating a regular red hot. You simply have to try it. It's beyond words how good these are.

So here are a step by step tutorial on how to make them! It's a great neighbor gift to give hot out of the oven!

First make your dough. You can use any recipe you want! 

Now put some flour down before you roll out the dough so it doesn't stick to your countertop. 

Spread butter.... Lots and lots of butter as this helps it be all googie and delicious

Now sprinkle sugar on top.... Don't skip on this step either. The combo of the butter and sugar makes a sugar glaze inside that makes these out of this world

Now add the the guest of honor... RED HOTS. The more you put on the more flavor you will have and will melt into the googy photo above! 

Now you can roll it like a normal cinnamon roll or make Red Hot Cinnamon flaky rolls or pull apart bread. See see below how to make the different types.

For the flakey rolls and pull apart bread cut the dough into rectangles. Now stack them on top of each other, but the last one flip it over so the sugar and butter are sandwiched in between so you keep all of the deliciousness inside your roll. Don't worry these don't have to be perfect. I like cutting with my cutco steak knife, but any knife will work.... even a butter knife.

To make the flakey cinnamon rolls I like to stack 4-5 squares at least in one regular sized cupcake tin.

Just place the squares in the cupcake tin so you can see the layers. Then softly poke the outside to fill the tin. If there is too many squares you can take on one out or add another one in if it doesn't fill it completely. For the pull apart bread do the same thing but fill an entire bread pan. You will need about 15-20 squares depending on how tick your dough is. 

 I made these in foil tins so I could deliver directly out of the oven! 

Here are the pull apart bread and flaky rolls just after them came out of the oven.

Add our Red Hot glaze and your finished! 

Now for the glaze...... feast your eyes and ohhh it smelled so good!

Glaze recipe:
1 cup cinnamon red hots
3/4 cup water
1/8 cup sugar
1 tablespoon butter

Melt red hots in boiling water. When almost melted add sugar and butter. The red hots will boil and start spreading the most wonderful smell throughout your house that will bring everyone to the kitchen immediately!  Pour over immediately as it will harden like candy. The glaze will harden, still soft. It's not hard like hard candy, but not soft enough to pull out any fillings. It's the perfect balance that you find in great caramels and such.

****Please note this cools quickly and has to be glazed over immediately. I can't be reheated so have the rolls out and ready before you make this or have a minute or 2 left on the clock.


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