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Day 4 Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Monday, December 10, 2012

 Day 4 is popsicle snowflakes. I first thought these would be beautiful on a mantel with with the extra pine branches from your tree that you get cut off for a rustic christmas, but my mantel just wasn't looking right with it..... so I took them outside (as it just snowed a couple minutes ago and everything looks beautiful out there!)

As I was taking photos..... my mind start racing with the possibilities out side to create the most magical rustic wonderland! It would be beautiful for Christmas or a wedding! Popsicle snowflakes look amazing hanging from trees

Enchanting in your snow dusted bushes- great because the won't get ruined by a moisture of the snow!   

Or place each one on a stick and into a bucket and line your walkway!

Then I took a photo of them in the snow just for fun and this is what happening! It left the coolest and most delicate imprint of the popsicle snowflake. (It looks raised in the photo, but it leaves an embossed look)

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