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Day 5: DIY Ho Ho Ho Ribbon

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 5 is Ho Ho Ho DIY Ribbon. You can make it out of any martial. Crepe paper streamers, ribbon (wired and not wired) any any width. The large Ho Ho Ho ribbon is out of 3" wide ribbon while the little is normal 1.5" ribbon.

Use to decorate your tree or a special package!

I wanted to show you how it looks like from ribbon to cut out Ho Ho Ho ribbon.

Now the unveiling of how to make  to make your packages a bit more glamourous and beautiful this year!

I freehanded mine, but if you are uncomfortable you can print and cut these out as a guide.

First fold your ribbon back and forth (zig zagged)

Then, start carving out. I like to start with the "H" as they are straight lines and easy to measure. I like to do one side at a time and then do the top next.

Then carve out the "O" curves.... Remember to leave a little bit at the top so it stays attached. Then cut out a half circle at the end to create the inner part of the "O"

Unfold and your done or fold another section and repeat the steps to continue your garland/ streamer

The ribbon can be striped, polka dotted or even sequence ribbon (like what we did for the large 3" Ho Ho Ho)

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