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Modern Neon Merry & Bright Christmas

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's the most wonderful party time of the year..... Christmas time! I love this holiday season with many festive parties and everyone decorates their house full Christmas delights! This year I wanted to create a collection that was a little different- I wanted something bright so I went with Neon colors to brighten your Christmas! They are so popular this year.... I just couldn't resist!

I know this new and fresh Christmas collection with bring Holiday Cheer and joy to everyone with a  Merry & Bright Christmas party!

For the background I created a color block backdrop with wrapping paper from Ikea... only .99 cents per role! Then add a modern twist by hanging a white faux deer head in the middle (from Z Gallerie
Then I strung our Merry & Bright banner from it's antlers. 

To add a little sparkle and softness to the table I made a little ornament bunting string with mini clear glass ornaments strung between each cake stand. (I search everywhere and I mean everywhere for clear ornaments. Michaels is the ONLY store that carries them! Just in case your looking for them a little heads up)

I strung the ornaments with pretty thin ribbon and knotted at various lengths in between allowing them to hang randomly. Then at the ends make a bow and attached to the cake stand with washi tape (I happen to have a very similar patten of washi tape that coordinated with my ribbon perfectly!)

Now for the Christmas desserts I know your waiting to see! I wanted them full of color and pattern- just full of life so everyone could resist and would want one of each!

Here are the sweets round up! I infused the desserts with the patterns from our collection like our polka dots, stripes and checkered prints. 

Beautiful snowflake cookies by Frog Prince She was a joy to work with and cookies were delicious!

Cake pops! Dipped in arrange of colorful chocolates sprinkled with mini hot pink sprinkles. Topped with our 2" party tags

Magical Reindeer Food: Chocolate covered popcorn with candies mixed in!

 For the sweets I wanted pattens and color to be apparent. We had polka dotted covered oreos, bright green macaroons with strawberry filling, hot pink and white checkered shortbread cookies (coordinating with one of our fun patterns in the collection), snowflake sugar cookies, cupcake topped with "sweet tarts" candy canes, cake pops and white chocolate popcorn "reindeer food". To gulp it all down with we had waters and a frothy Strawberry icecream punch. 

Our cupcake are topped with crushed candy canes (did you know they have such fun flavors of candy canes like sweet tarts, smarties and sour patch! I used the sweet tarts ones)

Shortbread checkered cookies topped with sugar. These were very easy to make. I used this recipe from our salted caramel shortbread cookies.

How to make checkered shortbread: 
1. Color half of the dough with food coloring
2. Make each cookie dough in a rectangle shape (form with wax paper)
3. Cut each rectangle in half creating squares
4. Stack opposite colors on top of each 
5. Slight squish together so the squares connect.
6. Slice and bake!

To bring more color in the dessert display I selected a clear tray and filled with mini peril sprinkles. I used a different color for each dessert to separate the macaroons, chocolate covered oreos and sugar cookies.

Macarons! They always look so pretty!

Again the snowflake cookies are by Frog Prince

The favorite dessert that caught everyones attention was our polka dotted chocolate covered oreos! They tasted as good as they looked too! I packages a pair of the in little bags and attached one of our party printable flags. The had some loose in front for those who only wanted one.

We also hade striped oreos too!

To down all the desserts with we had a frothy ice cream drink and waters


Our coordinating party invites are available in our shop here

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