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Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm so excited to share my news with you all today! I was asked by the SUPER talented Elizabeth MacLennan if they could use some of my superhero items for a superhero Oscar party for Real Simple Online. I was delighted and love how Elizabeth styled this shoot and you can't forget Nicole Hill who photographed the shoot. {I'm a huge fan of both their work} You can find our superhero items here in our shop!
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Taste the Rainbow Invitation

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday we showed you our Taste the Rainbow birthday party collection. Today is the coordinating Rainbow themed invitation to the collection. We wanted to include our polka dots and rainbow stripes with clouds.

it's great for a birthday party or shower. The wording is fully customizable and you can purchase it in our shop.
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Taste the Rainbow birthday party

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taste the Rainbow in cupcakes! We know there are a lot of Rainbow birthday parties out there so we wanted to do something a little different for our Rainbow birthday party collection. We created a taste the rainbow birthday with a different cupcake for each color in the rainbow.

We wanted the background to be simple so the cupcakes, desserts and printables would be the main focal point with fun bright colors. Each cupcake flavor was displayed on a coordinating color platter. We had them at varying heights and sizes to add some interest. For the garlands we punched out a colorful circle garland {in no particular order} and clouds with a mini taste the rainbow banner.  

Blue: Cotton candy toppers! Get a bucket of cotton candy and twirl it on a sucker stick.... that's all!

Purple: Grape dum dum suckers


Pink: Strawberry cupcakes

Red: Cherry cupcakes

Orange: orange flavored frosting with a orange gumball on top

Yellow: Lemon cupcakes. Add lemon zest and lemon drop for a little decoration

Green: Key Lime Cupcakes

Other desserts we had at our Rainbow themed party was rainbow white chocolate popcorn. Toss air popcorn in melted white chocolate, then drizzle red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and green chocolate over the top. This was a huge success and very tasty!

You can't have a Taste the Rainbow collection without skittles! We divided all the layers and place it in an apothecary jar for guest to dig in throughout the night.

We also had mini cupcakes with rainbow slices in them.

Mini rainbow hershey bar wrappers

We also had small bags of jelly belly jelly beans for the goes to take. My family plays a game that we pick up a color and guess what flavor it is by the color and see if we are right! Try it at you next rainbow party!

Our collection has rectangle and circle toppers

Drink the rainbow wrappers for the water bottles. You could also gather different drinks in all the shades of the rainbow for a fun drink bar to pair with the Taste the Rainbow cupcakes you have.


For the favors we had a clear box filled with laughy taffy. They were displayed on a platter with jelly bellys

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Valentine Day ideas:: Day 14

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! I wanted to share one more Valentine idea. Here are 2 fun ideas on how to spruce up a plain white box. You can use one of our favor toppers and flags or feathers. I braided red, white and pink twine to add a little texture and different element to the package. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day and I will be back tomorrow with another great party I'm dying to share with you all!
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Valentine Day ideas:: Day 12

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 12 is another simple packaging idea, since time is getting tight until Valentines Day. Use one of our heart tags and simply tie it around a cylinder filled with candy. I found these cute sour gummy arrows, cupids and hearts. I thought it would go perfect with our Cupid Valentines Day Collection.
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Valentine Day ideas:: Day 11

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today I create a little something fun with our valentine flags. Our printable flags are the one item I get asked on how to use the most. There is the typical place around a straw or tooth pick as a little flag or straw topper, but there are so many fun things you can create with the flags.

For this sweet I filled a mini glass with red hots and placed a heart ring sucker on top. For the wrap around  decoration punch a small hole on each end and weave some twine through. Wrap the twine around back and tie in front to keep it in place. I didn't use any tape or anything to hold the flag in place, but you can if you find it's slipping.   

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Valentine Day ideas:: Day 10

Friday, February 10, 2012

We have another simple {and inexpensive!} way to package a little valentine. All you need is doilies, {they can be paper or real... we used paper}, twine or small ribbon and a needle.

These literally took 2 minutes to make. Just take 2 doilies and put them back to pack and weave in and out to make a "pocket." You can use any size of doilie. You can make jumbo ones or mini ones like I have shown here.

You can weave through the inside perimeter to make a small pocket or to make a larger pocket weave around the outside of the doilie.

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Valentine Day ideas:: Day 9

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here is a simple idea if you are strapped for time. Get some "hugs and kisses" Attach our printables to the bottom. You can give them in a decorative bowl or a box full of them! 

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Valentine Day ideas:: Day 8

For day 8 we have another packaging idea with our printable collection..... shot throughout the heart bag. Attach the arrow and party circle with tape or hot glue. The kids love playing with the arrows!

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Valentine Day ideas:: Day 7

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 7 is a very smile way of how to dress up a store bought sucker. This packaging can be used for any type of sucker.... it would even be cute for the heart suckers you see all around at Valentines. {I use to love those when I was a kid}

1. Simply take our "heart food labels". Fold along the dotted lines as if making them into heart tent fold food labels.
2. Then with the 2 flaps folded in punch a hole with a hold puncher in the middle.
3. Cut a slit on one of the flaps (center of pushed out circle to edge of flap.
4. Place the sucker in the hole without the slit. Fold the heart around and Slide the other tab (with the slit around the sucker stick.
5. Tie with a bow and you have a sucker Valentine!

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Valentine Day ideas:: Day 6

Monday, February 6, 2012

Today I am showing you an easy way to send your love through chocolate! A chocolate candy bar to be exact. You can write your valentine note right on the wrapper or stick it inside for a delightful surprise when they eat it!

Our inspiration were the ways to receive mail, since it's coming from Cupid's Post Office. So our candy bar wrappers to look like envelopes, postcards and letters, sealed with Cupid's Post Office stamp.

My favorite one is the "letter" inspired candy bar wrapper: Top 5 Things I heart about YOU!

Our "Envelope" candy bar wrapper

Our "postcard" candy wrapper

We displayed ours in a bright red mailbox. To add a little flair we painted white hearts on the sides. I would think Cupids mailbox would be covered in hearts!

We also have these little guys... mini candy bar wrappers. Perfect candy stuffer to any valentine.
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