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{Real Parties} Angry Birds Birthday Party

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I can't wait to show you a clients Angry Birds birthday party for their 12 year old. I'm a huge fan of Angry Birds... I just can't get enough. Every second I'm in line or any place I start playing. 

Tracy from Enchanted Events (Tracy Marks & Co.) designed this exciting Angry Bird gamers dream party! It was so fun creating these printables for Tracy. You can purchase our printables in our shop  here 

I designed these large (18"x18") angry birds, green pigs, sling shot and bomb explosive boxes. I love how she used them for the background with the sky. The slingshot is proportionate so you can actually place a bird in there so it looks like it flying into air ready to smash some pigs. 

The large formate Angry birds faces can also be cut out and put on balloons to add some 3 dimensional flare to your party.

An Angry Birds party wouldn't be complete without playing the game, so they had a game truck.  

In our collection we have the following items: drink wrappers, candy bar wrappers, cupcake wrappers, Happy Birthday banner, favor toppers (round 3.5") and cupcake toppers/ tags (2.5" or 2")

Large format birds, sling shot, explosion bombs and eggs are part of the large format Angry Birds collection available in our shop.

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Easy Easter Sprinkle striped sugar cookies:: decorating tip

Hello! I wanted to share these easy sprinkle striped sugar cookie decorating tip. I know you can make gorgeous cookies using royal frosting, but I wanted something easy and still taste delicious! Here are step by step directions on how to make these lovelies.

You will need sugar cookies, frosting, (2) pieces of card stock (I used white) and sprinkles.... LOTS of sprinkles of all different shapes, sizes, kinds and colors. Explore and have fun with it.

1. We are going to start out with a already frosted sugar cookie (this could be any size or shape.... I did an egg shape for Easter!) The frosting can be any color or white to give a base tot he other sprinkles.

2. Place your card stock across you frosted sugar cookie. (You can place it diagonal, straight or vertical.) It might stick a little to the frosting, but that is okay.

3. Sprinkle on your first sprinkles. This doesn't have to be exact.

4. Remove the card stock and place at the same angle up to whatever thickness you want your stripe to be. Place the clean card stock over the already sprinkled part of the cookie.

5. Sprinkle on your next layer. Maybe you want a 2 tone or same color sprinkles, but different texture or shape.

6. Scrape off the frosting from the cardboard (if any) and Repeat until you have a striped cookie!

For this one I just sprinkle 2 different kind of sprinkles creating a "polka dot" with mini perils. I sprinkled the round perils on first then covered the rest with the same colors dusting sprinkles.

You can make a multi colored striped sprinkled cookie.

or you can make a multi colored sprinkled cookie. After having made many striped cookies I had lots of sprinkles covering my plate I used to keep the sprinkles from going everywhere, when I realized a beautiful mix of colors and shapes and that it would make a fun cookie to. So you can use the left over sprinkles from your other cookies or make a custom sprinkles mix for the right color scheme.

I created this one next to have more of an orange/ yellow emphasis, than the pink/ purple one above.

Now for the finishing touch. Package with one of our Easter tags from our I {heart} the Easter Bunny.

Just a little glimpse into my highly professional set up lol! I love decorating my sugar cookies on this square platter. It is from Crate and Barrel. I love it because it's flat enough to lay large cookies flat, but has a slight rim the keeps most of my sprinkles contained. I found it easier to have all my sprinkles out and around so I couple play with lots of options!

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I {Heart} the Easter Bunny Collection

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Here is our new Easter collection.... I {heart} the Easter bunny! It is filled with items you can use in a dessert table for an Easter egg hunt gathering or tags and labels for your children's Easter basket. 

For the decorations we used these fun floral sprays. We mixed 2 different sprays, one had different size glitter balls in Easter colors and the other one had branches with feathers and decorative balls.  

The table was covered in a bright green and white gingham fabric with tissue flowers. We had made these tissue flowers layering multiple tissue papers onto each other. We added a little glitz to each one by gluing beads to the center to give a 3 dimensional feel and look to the flowers and also had a little color. Then we sprinkled jelly beans around like a Easter eggs were hiding in the flower awaiting to be found and eaten by the children.

For the banner I wanted to do something a little different then just string it on the top. Each letter is attached to a long wooden kabob skewer. The letters are placed at varying heights to create height and interest. The skewers were then stuck in grass. I purchased wheat grass at my local grocery store (I found this was less expensive).

For the drinks we served pink lemonade with our drink wrappers (part of our printable Easter collection)

We also used our flags on the straws to give them a personal touch.

For the favors we gave out a package of peeps repackaged in cellophane bags and attached with our toppers.

This one is my favorite... to my peeps! (A little play on words and humor)

I loved how the cupcakes turned out! The cupcakes are frosted in a simple green and sprinkled with mini yellow perils to resemble grass with mini budding flowers. We topped each Easter cupcake with one of our toppers and a peep.

I love this orange one, as it looks like it is "peeping" up behind the cupcake topper. Simply attach a peep to a toothpick and place the peep behind and angled off to the side.

The cupcakes are placed in oval angled dishes (from Crate and Barrel) with new colored batting "grass". I LOVED the batting grass. It is a new item this year and it is fantastic, as it doesn't get all over. It stays put and fluffs up beautifully!

4 different Candy bar wrapper designs are also included in our I {heart} the Easter Bunny. 

Our "mini Easter baskets" are made with our cupcake wrappers, a cupcake liner and our basket strap. 
These are very simple to make. I used glue dots to attach everything, but hot glue or staples could work as well. I glued the cupcake wrapper around a new, clean cupcake liner. Then glued the basket strap in between the cupcake liner and wrapper. For the final touch we added our tag: Easter- a good time to put all your eggs in one basket! Stuff the baskets with "grass", chocolate bunny and eggs. 

I was amazed by the strength of these little baskets. They held up with all the kids playing with them.

We scattered cupcakes and our mini Easter baskets throughout the table. 

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