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Ninjago Birthday party

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Each year I design a little birthday party for each of my nieces and nephews. They get to choose the theme and everything... Buzzy this year chose to have a Ninjago birthday. All of the party printables are available at Wants and Wishes shop. You might remember Will's Lego party from last year... Lego has done it again though! This collection was really cool for me to design because I went to China last year and the Ninjago lego sets were very accurate to what you see over there. This party can also easy be used for a Ninja party as well.  Enough about that... let's get to the fun part.... the Ninjago birthday party decorations and Ninjago desserts (I create one of my favorite treats to date for this party- chocolate covered pretzel nun chucks!). 


Decorations: I stuck with the traditional color scheme of red white and black with little pops of gray. 

For the backdrop I create large poster panels (20x30). You can print them at any print shop like, Costco, Office Depot, Staple, Kinkos.... Office Depot is my favorite to work with though. They don't charge you to bring in files on a jump drive and are always very easy to work with!  I mounted the posters onto white matte board to give it a little body and so it would curl up. Then above that I made a little header with re butcher paper and a circle motif (available in the Ninjago collection)

I placed a sword (just a cheap $2 sword for a Toy Store) on red Lego piggy banks to create the  holder for it.

The Happy Banner included in the collection. A red on red chinnese pattern for the background with a shield design.

Our round 3.5" circle favor toppers. (5 designs)

 Now for the good stuff... Ninjago sweets! I love creating new and exciting desserts for each of my collections.

First we had Ninjago Mininfigure sugar cookies

A great way to showcase your cookies is to get a small long rectangular vase or serving dish. Fill it with small candies. (Here I have mini white chocolate perils - similar to M&M's) Then just stick your cookies up right! It's a lot funner to see you cookies upright then just laying down.

All the kids loved the mini figures I did for Will's Lego birthday so I made a little "maze" to display the chocolate mini figures. The kids had so much fun creating their own games and defending their mini figure. They were made out of chocolate from Lego's ice cube mini figure tray.

Skeletons are also part of the Ninjago set ups so I decided to use the skeletons I made for our Eek, Shriek and be Scary Halloween collection.

2 different thank you tags are included in the Ninjago collection.

We also had flaming bowls of red cherry sours and slithering snakes

Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting dusted with gold sprinkles topped with a chocolate Ninja star. These were really easy detail that turned out great. Line a pan with wax paper. Place a image of a ninja star below and trace it with heated up chocolate. It is best to put to place the chocolate in piping bag or plastic bag with a small round tip.

 After I made 24 cupcakes I had a little batter left over so I made a mini cake as well. I didn't know if i was going to use it, but I loved how it turned out! I made a simple ganache {recipe here} and just poured it over the cake so it was fully coated. They added gold sprinkles and chicklets. I topped with one of our favor toppers and a mini lego dude!

Now for my favorite item..... chocolate covered pretzel NUNCHUCKS!!!!! They were by far the biggest hit of the party..... you can actually twirl them around a few time before breaking or until a Ninja gets hungry and take a bit out of it.

I tied our party favor tag to the nun chucks with red vine ropes. They turned out fabulous! (the fun patterned paper is also included in the party pack)

For the drinks I wanted a bright red soda (I found Jones soda had the best coloring) 5 designs are included

Child's initial with gold tipped "wings" is one of my favorite deals of this Ninja party pack that is used throughout the collection

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