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I Dig you Construction Birthday Party

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here is our I dig you Construction Birthday party collection! I have been wanting to create this collection for a while, but when I went to Chicago a couple months ago I found the best item that sent my creative mind swirling..... I just had to create something with these amazing strawz I found at The Art Insititute. I also found them on Amazon here, so everyone can purchase them.

I wanted the party to look like they were on a construction site, with the caution tape all over and detour signs up. I played on the words of "Men Working" and "Detour", but our detour sign said- Detour: birthday in progress.

The first item that I just knew I had to incorporate in this collection was the "barricade" food tents! I just fell in love with them. They are very easy to assemble and will make any treat or construction dessert that much more tempting! These food labels add that extra special detail to your construction party.

I created a different pedestal using my small 6" mosser glass cake stand, but flipped it upside down so the smaller portion was up. Then I placed these cool square plates I bought at CB2. I really like how they turned out and gave a little more color to the pedestals.

I really have some easy to assemble treats, as I just added a lot of our Construction party printables to accent and show off some of my favorite candies I found!

I found these little front loaders at a Grocery store with candy rocks filled inside. I created a mini scene with a tray upside down as it had a little lip. I crushed up chocolate wafers as the "dirt" and even filled some of the loaders with it to make it more realistic looking.

As I thought about the items that would be in a tool box a measuring tape is a must..... then it struck me- the best "measuring tape" would be 6 foot bubble gum! It was a huge hit with the kids! {Please note: these do not come personalized, but left blank for you to add the kids names in. Personalization is available for and additional charge.}

Cone favor boxes

When I found these sucker wrenches I knew my collection would be complete! I was planning on doing sugar cookie wrenches, hammers, etc, which still would be really cute and a great addition, but these just added the extra touch as they could really pick things up and play with them. I designed some "flags" I used them on these, but the party flags could also be used for cupcake, drinks, straws or a napkin ring wrapper.

Each guest received a "tool box" to load up their "sweet tool" in!

We had a couple different "Nut & Bolts" options. I packaged the gummy rings and made sugar cookie nuts and bolts. 

For the nuts I made Philips and flat headed screws. I thought they were so cute! I placed them all in a metal wire basket for them to grab a few and put in their tool boxes.

Favor toppers filled with cheese balls.... Do you bite into yours while they are crunchy or suck them until they are soft. It is habit for me since I was little to suck them until they are soft!

I wanted the Thank you sign to look like it was bolted on, so bolts and screws are seen at the corners like it is holding it together.

 I swirled white and orange frosting to give the cupcakes a little color.

 The cake was frosted very simply, then we added our mini construction signs like Birthday Ahead, Detour- Birthday in Progress, Boys at Play and name and age. To connect all the signs I used Crazy Straws that I found in the Art Institute of Chicago museum shop {I love museum shops! they always have such fun and quirky these that are just fabulous!} I bought 2 packs and used some here on the cake and more as the straws for the drinks

I used the strawz as the frame to place all the mini signs on! It was fun to create the backing and connecting all pieces together!

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Welcome to my Fabulous Midlife Crisis Birthday- Vegas Style

Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to my fabulous MidLife Crisis Birthday Party... Vegas Style! I designed this party for my 32nd birthday {A couple friends and I joke we are having a pre midlife crisis lol}. All of the items are available in our We also have a non Midlife Crisis option- Welcome to my fabulous Birthday Party.

We skirted all the tables with red table cloths and then placed bright green felt on top to get that playing table feel. The dessert table we placed all of the food on white platters at varying heights and also used a red platter I got at Target, during Valentine Season.

I found these fantastic suit boxes at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2. I took off the lids and used them as bases for the signs and also for decoration.

I had such a blast designing and crafting this Adult Casino Birthday Party.... everyone one had a great time! A Casino/ Vegas party allows people to mingle and get to know one another. We had several round tables out for gaming. Each table had a different game like in a real Casino and we had a few board games too. This party is actually very simple elements combined with our printable Vegas/ Casino birthday Collection.

I made it like a hotel and Casino- I had these custom notepads made for favors for each of the guest. We also, had a few at each table for keeping track of the score and the rules of the games were written on them also.

Dice boxes are part of our printable collection to fill with goodies.

5 drink wrapper designs.

I made these homemade dice marshmallows. I used this recipe, but instead of putting it in 9x12 I used a 8x8 pan and cut them so they were square.

For the cake I made Sprinkles Bakes Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cake Cheesecake! It was sooo delicious! I think I need her cookbook now!

For the cake toppers I made chocolate "poker chips" and then used these king and Queen toppers I found at Williams Sonoma.

Suite cookies- clover, spade and diamonds. I bought the cookie cutters from

I made "Elvis" cupcakes. Banana cupcakes with bacon crumbs into the batter topped with peanut butter frosting. The frosting was to dye for. I used the same peanutbutter frosting from the cake. I could eat the frosting plain.... it's that good and really easy to follow recipe.

I had favor toppers with suite chocolate chip cookies.... these went very fast! Again I used the cookie cutters I got from 6 designs come in our Vegas Birthday party collection.

My favorite dessert I created were these "olive" cake pops. I placed them in an oversized martini glass filled with red candy and then filled the martini glass with the "olives".


Also there were little "shot glasses" full of "bingo balls" {chicklets}

Red "Liquor-ish" with our go go dancer labels. Blank labels come in the party collection 


Shots of jelly beans for Jelly Bean Roulette- we tried to guess what favor we ate.

I gave out these fun "What happens at Debbie's Birthday- stays at Debbie's Birthday" "Hotel & Casino" custom note pads for favors. I named my Hotel and Casino Lost Ages... playing on the lost wages but having it with a mid life crisis/ age theme.... so Lost Ages was created!

Here are 2 of the pattern papers that are included in the collection also.

Lost Ages Buffet

At the Lost Ages buffet we had:
sliced steak, chicken with a sweet pepper glaze, rice, corn, squash, rolls, olive dip with chips, fruit platter and veggies to help counteract all the sweets we had.

Fruit tray with strawberries, grapes, watermelon, pineapple and cantaloupe chunks

Veggie tray

My favorite dip- "Callies Olive dip" It is so good and really simple. Just combine all the ingredients and let it marinate.... I love recipes you can do ahead of time to help save time for those details you have to do at the last minute.

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