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Haunted House Halloween Party

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I have created 2 Halloween collections this year.... yes you heard me 2 different collections! The first one I want to share with you is our Haunted House collection. It is a modern and fun "haunted House" with lots of eerie treats but nothing too scary for the little ones! We wanted a glamourous and whimsical Halloween to brighten up your Halloween!

We staged our Haunted House halloween dessert table to look like it was in the cellar of the a witches spell binding den. I used the spiderweb window that is in the milk carton to make it look like you are "in the haunted house"! (very inexpensive to print only .50 cents per foot! Was only $2) 

You can't have a witches den without a broom (tutorial here- Under 5 minutes and $5 broom) We hung our broom from styrofoam chains with bats hanging upside down from it. (bat template included in Haunted House collection)

The backdrop is "green with envy". It added the perfect touch! 

Now for the halloween treats.... We made haunted house cartons that you can fill with goodies for a little favor or you can have the guest "trick or treat" at the dessert table . Happy haunting!!!!

A cage held "fresh bats" {hershey bars} for ingredients needed in spells and potions. 

To make bats simply wrap the mini candy bars.  Cut the bat template out of black card stock. Place the bat on a flat surface. Then hot glue a sucker stick and then the candy bar in the center. Wait for 2-3 minutes and it should be dry! Is tuck mine in some styrofoam to make them look like they were flying around the cage.

 Other desserts were gummy toads and "glittery" cupcakes.

You can also just use the mini candy bar wrappers on their own.

My favorite treats I created for this collection is our ding dong the Witch is dead & the vampire cookies!

We had monster candles from Department 56 flanking the "ding dong the witch is dead treats and coffin boxes with vampire sugar cookies.

We made our coffin boxes have a print on the inside also! Just print on of the coordination pattern papers from the collection on the reverse side and you have a cute print on the inside too! You can do the same pattern or mix and match for fun and bright options.

I took a ding dong and drizzled green chocolate to make it look like a witch was melting and attached our witches feet printables on top!

Favors filled with candy corn.... a halloween must and personal favorite

A quick drink of orange soda before heading out to trick or treat

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{freebie} Vampire Diaries free printables

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are you guys as excited as I am for season 4 of Vampire Diaries?! I have to admit I thought it sounded like a dumb show so I never watched it..... I was a little over the whole Twilight/ Vampire thing.... Then I watched an episode, I instantly fell in love and became a fan immediately! 

So I have designed these free printables. You can use them for your Vampire Diaries Season premiere party, for Halloween or just the love sucks and bite me for single awareness day with just the girls!

 Who do you want Elena to end up with..... Stephen or Damon?

I'm all for STEFAN!!!!! or should I say Stelena:) I made these red velvet cupcakes to look like a vampire has stuck their fangs into the cupcake.... drawing blood.

How to do it: Let the frosting get a little firm, then with a tooth pick make 2 holes and a line down. I used Wilton red glitter gel to fill in or you can red food coloring.

 You can use our free party circle printables for so many items. Like on blood red drinks- use our love sucks party circle or the bite me tag on any candy, cookies. (I just thought of this or I would have made it for you to see.... maybe later) Chocolate dipped pretzels for a wood stake!

Our printables come in 2 different sizes of party circles 2.5" and 2". ENJOY!

You can give each guest a red soda in a coffin for a dramatic statement and true vampire style!

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Let them eat Cake- Marie Antoinette Bridal Shower

Friday, September 14, 2012

Marie Antoinette's famous line- Let me Eat Cake inspired our Eat More Cake collection. We put a modern twist on Let them Eat Cake- Eat More Cake! I wanted to create a rustic elegance fit for the "Future Mrs."...  Marie Antoinette often went to her cottage on the edge of the Versailles property. This is where she felt free and really enjoyed going. So I wanted to show that through this bridal shower. I didn't want it stuffy or overly rich, but a simple elegance. Something with a rustic touch, but still glamourous.... we are talking about Marie Antoinette! To achieve the juxtaposition between elegance and rustic I used soft colors and fruit and flowers to bring in the rustic element. I was influenced by the architecture of that time and the Rococo color schemes of the soft pale colors.

For the desserts, obviously cake and more cake and french pastries and fine desserts. Fruits garnishing each platter with candy for pops of colors.  

A pile of cream puffs and raspberry meringues. I added fruit and dipped strawberries for garnish. 

When I went to Europe last year I realized how many places they placed their initials of royalty.... so I wanted to add that personalization to this royal affair. I made small chocolate "K's" and placed one on each dipped strawberry.... I wanted the strawberries to be more fun and girly so I dipped in pink chocolate! To get this color I added some yellow chocolate as well so it was a more warm pink. Purple dipped strawberries would be really cute also... maybe next time!

Chocolate cake with raspberry filling with powdered sugar on top. This is really easy to do! When your cake is hot (I filled flipped this one upside down because I wasn't frosting it) poke small holes, but not going all the way through. Spread jam (any flavor you want) and it make the most wonderful, moist cake you have ever had!

Eat More Cake! We had many different cakes

I wanted to create a rustic garden/ cottage feel so I added berries and woodsy flowers. Pale colored roses in the centerpieces to give that perfect balance of rustic and soft elegance.

And of course we had to have cupcakes. We topped ours with our printable flags and mini chocolate wedding cakes or fresh fruit and candy pearls.

The fruit cupcake were displayed on glass stands. At the bottom of each they were garnished with fruit and flowers

Easy fruit tarts. Simple make a round sugar cookies and frost them with cream cheese frosting. Add berries and sprinkle with powdered sugar. They were my favorite item!

Oatmeal cookies with white chunk chocolate chips and craison with our favor toppers   

We had many different favors for the guest to choose from. We had these fun clear pillow boxes filled with "gold coins" and pretty paper boxes filled with a mini wedding cake for each guest. I use our favor tags for both way. There are many applications!  

The decorations:

We had small bundles of pale colored roses on the dessert table and as the centerpieces for all the tables

We made another false ceiling.... you might remember our balloon false ceiling. This time I wanted to create a way to bring softness to the dessert table. We used rufflefabric to accomplish this. We used a variety of types: mini, 1" and 2" to create texture and another added softness. For the sides we draped white mini ruffle fabric. 

The table had a white table cloth and then draped with a pale pink tulle. I wanted a swooping feel so I gathered it on one end and then just slightly gathered it on the other end. On the end where I gathered the the tulle up I made a tulle embellishment and added pink flowers to the side. Then I draped mini pom poms with our banner

Our Banner- Eat More Cake!

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