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Black and White Sophisticated Halloween Party Collection

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Halloween party for you! I wanted to create a little different printable Halloween collection- a sophisticated black and white like an old horror movie. A collection that would be suitable for all ages: adults, teen and the young kids. This allows you to pop any color you want!  For younger kids add orange for a scary, but not too frightful delight! For teens add red or electrifying neon green! Or you can stick with the classic black and white and watch an old Hitchcock Film!

To create this Spooktacular Halloween we had "sinfully sweet" candy and desserts. Candy bars, rock candy, suckers, M&M's, mini mint spider eggs for refreshing the pallet. Some of our baked goods we had are chocolate cupcakes with black and white swirled frosting, homemade ghost and spider suckers and cookies & cream popcorn!

For the decorations we had black trees with spiders scaling down. The white branches with black leaves are from Pottery Barn! I just fell in love with them.

Come make a Spider Pom Pom with us! You can find our Spider Pom Pom tutorial here 

In our spooktacular tree we hung witches caldrons closed with one of our 2" printable toppers as the "lid" secured with washi tape.

Watermelon flavored ghost and spider suckers. Make homemade suckers and add fun details with chocolate on top.

 As you know it's "all about the candy" at Halloween! So we had plenty of treats to choose from

Black and white swirled cream cheese frosting.

We also made cookies and cream popcorn.... to die for (punt not intended lol) Literally though this popcorn was so good!!! Recipe here. One tip- have all of the white chocolate evenly coat the popcorn before you put the crushed oreos in

To drink we had milk to wash down all of our Halloween treats! 

Six drink wrapper designs are included in the Halloween party pack

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{feature} Haunted House Halloween Party invitations

Monday, October 15, 2012

There are 2 different color options: purple haunted house or orange. Choose one or both color options!

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{DIY} 5 minute witches broom tutorial- great for a prop or Halloween costume

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This broom is extremely easy and took less then 5 minutes to assemble and the great thing is it cost less then $5! 

Items you will need:
A stick for the handle (I purchased our at Shinoda in California)
thread or yarn
(Hot glue if you want to secure it together)

1. You cut a some raffia from the bundle (usually it is knotted at one end- I did the full length of the raffia )
2. Fold the raffia in half (if the ends are a little straggly just trim them off to get a full broom)
3. Place the stick in the end of the raffia that is folded over. My stick is in about 6"
4. With a very long piece (yard or so) of twine, thread or yarn- or just whatever you have around the house. Tie a knot as tight as you can around the raffia and stick. Then wrap the excess of the string to make a ticker band. Knot the very end and trim/ tuck the tail in.
5. You can hot glue the raffia to the stick if you want. I didn't and it stayed on pretty well. The kids were running around the island with it and playing really rough with. The raffia did fall off a couple of times, but you just slip the stick back in! No permeant damage done.

This was taken from my phone so it's a little burry..... they also wouldn't sit still. It was so cute they would get on the broom and kick off and have a race who could make it around the island the fastest!

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