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Wreck it Ralph Birthday Party

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

 I'm excited to share our Wreck it Ralph birthday party collection with you.... great ready for some really exciting dessert bars. At first I was just going to do a Wreck it Ralph party and just have it look like an arcade like above. Then I watched the movie again and realized Sugar Rush was actually a big part of the movie..... so our dual arcade game dessert bar was created!
To make the the dessert table look like an arcade I created header banners and large signs  to replicate the look of a arcade.
Game central- between the 2 arcades "allowing characters to transfer back and forth between games"
Here are all the Wreck it Ralph treat ideas I came up with for Austin's Birthday party
To start off with the back drop I recreated the Wreck it Ralph game design with the Niceland building. The Niceland building is multiple Styrofoam pieces constructed together, then wrapped with our paper printable building.
Gold medal Happy Birthday banner hangs down over the Niceland building! Building decal is also including in the Wreck it Ralph birthday collection
 The top of the Niceland building was designed after the cake one of the nicelanders made for their 30th anniversary party. Sugar cookie stars coated in gold sprinkles were baked on sucker sticks. I bought a Wreck it Ralph figurine to place on the top.... the kids loved playing with the building and figure afterwards.
Fix it Felix golden hammer sugar cookies baked on a stick. This was one of the kids favorite Wreck it Ralph treats.
We had "the dumb with" candy bricks and gold chocolate coins

 Juice boxes and red Jones sodas for drinks. The juice boxes were wrapped with our Wreck it Ralph printable to look like a pile of bricks

Chocolate cupcake stumps. Just bake a normal cupcake without the liners and cut the top so it is flat. Frost with chocolate frosting making ridges on the side. Then we added a chocolate ganache swirl on the top with chocolate sprinkles..... our little birthday boy likes chocolate!

 Brownie joy sticks..... a retro game dessert!
 How to make these Brownie joy stick treat:
1. Bake brownies in a square dish.
2. Cut the outer edge off so all 4 sides are straight
3. Pour ganche over the top and drip down the sides
4. Place M&M's or other round candies for the buttons
5. Place a rock candy sucker in the center for the actual joy stick..... cotton candy would work too
6. Place our printable thank you tag
****Note if you are using the rock candy stick make sure you cut of the ball on the end so the sucker will stay up.
 All my nieces and nephews LOVE the part where Wreck it Ralph takes cherries from Pac Man so I made cherry cake pops! Just add a green and white straw as the stick
We place each cherry cake pop in a favor bag with our favor toppers..... all different vintage games the visited like Pac Man & Mario Brothers 

We also bought these freakishly big Wreck it Ralph hands to play games to see who could do certain tasks while wearing them..... please excuse the mess it was in the middle of the party, right after we had just opened presents lol

Tomorrow we will share the Sugar Rush portion of the party!!!
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  1. You captured the game details and "look" amazingly in your printable collection!

    1. Thank you! It was really fun to make this movie come to life!

  2. Do you sell the banner? My daughter wants this theme for her birthday party in June. I've been looking for ideas but I love the way you did everything really nice!!

    1. Yes, I sell all the party printables here

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Where did you have your large items printed (banners and building)?
    What did you use as the coating on the cherry cake pops?

    1. I had them printed at Alphagrics, but I also really like Office Depot for printing my items. They do a fabulous job!


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