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DIY Tissue Paper Spider Pom Pom

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Come make a tissue paper spider with us! These are fast and friendly spiders you won't mind having around this Halloween! Hang them from any wall or tree in your house or outside!
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Materials needed: 
Black tissue paper (1 package)
8 Black chenille pipe cleaners
String/ Twine or wire
First, unfold the tissue paper (just once so you keep the rest of it together, so it will be a long skinny rectangle) and cut the package in half. 1 package will make 2 spiders.
Second, unfold the pack so all the sheets are flat. Then fold them back and forth like an accordian. My folds are approximately 1.5" folds
Tie a knot at the center tightly with what ever sting/ twine you have around the house. I left one end of my string long so I could hang it from the center.
Fan both sides out (easier if you up it on it's side for this)
Now start to cut deep thin strips around the whole perimeter. Cut about halfway to the center. It is alright if small triangles are accidentally cut out.... you can see that happened to me and it turned out just fine and you will never be able to tell. I have heard there are scissors that will do this and cut even thin cuts. I need to get myself a pair! If you have them..... this would be a great craft to use them on.
Now once both sides are cut and trust me the do not have to be perfectly cut. Just chop away and take out some frustrations you have.

Separate each layer of tissue paper "fluffing it." This will create a sphere with awesome texture.

Start on the top layer and pull it up toward the center. I found the higher you get those first layers up the easier the middle layers will be.
***Note: be careful as you can tear the tissue paper.... I did a couple times, but these pom poms are very forgiving
Use them like this or as a centerpiece or continue on a make some spiders!

Bend 8 pipe cleaners for the spiders legs. Separate the tissue ball so you can see the middle. Place 4 of the pipe cleaners together for one side. Then place the other 4 on the other side. 

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaners around the string you tied in the middle. You can add a little hot glue to reinforce the legs. The pipe cleaners are amazing thou because you can twist and bend them any way you need them to stay!
Happy Halloween!
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  1. Cute idea, and I love how easy you make it look.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! They really are simple to create. Happy spider making!

  2. Love your tutorial, you have no idea how much googling I've done in search for a paper pom pom spider with no success. I've made 4 so far and love how they've turned out. This tutorial gave me a good reason to use my Martha Stewart fringe scissors that I've had for two years but hand not used before. Thank you for the great tutorial.

    1. I'm glad I could help with your search! Aren't they fun and easy to make!!! I covet those fringe scissors.... now this gives me an excuse to purchase them lol I have to have them right?

  3. Highly recommend them, they also work great for making fringe paper fireworks picks!


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