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Taste the Rainbow Invitation

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday we showed you our Taste the Rainbow birthday party collection. Today is the coordinating Rainbow themed invitation to the collection. We wanted to include our polka dots and rainbow stripes with clouds.

it's great for a birthday party or shower. The wording is fully customizable and you can purchase it in our Etsy shop.
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Barnyard/ Farm Invitations

Monday, July 11, 2011

Again sorry for disappearing again... this summer has just been crazy! These Barnyard/ Farm invites have been consuming a lot of my time this last week. Don't you just LOVE them. They make me so happy. I made them for an amazing client of mine! They are an interactive invitation.  I love creating DIY interactive invitations. Here is another one that I created... pizza in a box.

There are 3 pieces to the invite:
Part 1: the front of the barn

Part 2: the doors
You print on the back side of the same piece of paper.

Part 3: the inside
This you can just cut out just the square and glue on or you can have a full back.
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Milk & Cookies Bar- Bake with Love: the Invitation

Monday, May 16, 2011

With the up and coming trend of Momofuku's Milk Bar I wanted to create a printable baby shower collection that was simple, sweet, chic, delicate..... and delicious! This Milk & Cookies- baked with Love collection will spread the love to the mommy to be. The invitation & collection are available in 6 color ways: soft pink, baby blue, lavender, green, red & yellow in our Shop.

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Sweet Tea Time Party Collection: Invitation

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We have this adorable tea time invitation that coordinates with our sweet tea time printable collection. It is available in our shop.  We have a birthday version and a get together with friends to sip and chat version. This invitation could be used for little girls or for a bridal shower, baby shower or a get together with the young at heart. On the invitation the "T" is also a table hold a monogrammed teapot and stacked tea cups. 

birthday version

garden tea party version

This invitation can be customized in color & wording. You can purchase your tea time invitation here.

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Easter Invitations

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We showed you a sneak peak of the dessert table yesterday, but lets start form the beginning. First you have to invite your guest! You invitations sets the tone and direction to your party.... so we created coordinating invitations for your Easter Egg Decorating party and Easter Egg Hunt!

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Printable Pizza Box Invitation... literally with 2 sided pizza invite

Monday, February 28, 2011

Having a pizza party... Deliver your guest a pizza invitation in a mini pizza box! 

Is your child having a pizza party for a fun friday night or for their birthday party? This fun and creative pizza box
party invitation will grab the attention of all your guests and get them excited for your pizza party. The outside of 
the invitation is a "pizza box". You can print on white or natural brown paper imitating a cardboard box color. In 
the inside your guest will find a 4.75" pepperoni pizza with the details of your party on the back. 

So what are you waiting for! Plan a pizza party this friday night or for your kids birthday. Pizza Invitation available in our shop. Full collection coming soon!

"pizza box cover"

This shows the pizza box and both sides of the invitation 

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winter wonderland invitation & cake bunting

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One of my friends was hosting a baby shower and asked for my help with the invitations.  I then designed this cake after the design of my invitations for another friend. This baby invitation is available in my etsy shop and is also able to be an announcement.

Isn't the mini cake bunting cute!!!! I thought it turned out really well.

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dinosaur birthday party

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We interrupt this Halloween inspiration for a dinosaur inspiration board.  One of my readers, Jann {hi Jann} asked what I would do for a dinosaur birthday party for her little boy. It spark something... so many people are seeking inspiration for a particular birthday party theme- so I'm starting a new series. Simply email me if you are seeking inspiration for a particular party theme and I will do the research and post it up on my blog.... so ask away.

These are my findings for a dinosaur party.

option A:: I would do these invitations available in our shop (it also comes in a purple & green color scheme)

option B:: Have your little guy draw a dinosaur for each of his guest, inviting him to come to his dinosaur party!

I would make these dinosaur cupcakes or you could put a mini dinosaur on top for an older crowd or for those who don't want to create dinosaurs from hand... 

I would also make these fossil dinosaur cookies

On the tables I would have these dinosaur terrariums. 

{favors + activities}
I would make these dinosaurs in a rock. You can either make them at the party and have your guest take them home to dry or have them already made and have each kid break one open and discover what's inside. 

I would give these crayon dinosaurs as a favor. Aren't they soooo cool. (I know I sound like a kid, but I fell in love with them when I saw. They are a must have for sure!!! I want! I want! I want!) 

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alice in wonderland inspiration

Monday, June 14, 2010

I know ever since the new Alice in Wonderland was announce it has sparked inspiration in every area to cakes, party announcement and decorations. As I have seen numerous parties around this theme... here are my favorite bits and pieces from multiple parties that I would like to be invited to... or possibly host myself! I would invite my guest with these lovely invitations by Page84 I would have my Mad Tea Party table setting to look like this photo via These are some of the treats I would serve in my dessert bar I especially fell in love with this cake with the all the texture and attention to detail that some of roses are not fully painted red. I immediately started singing in my head... Were painting the roses red, were painting the roses red! Great job!!!! Also, I would have to give a crown to each of my guest that coordinates with my cake topper above. I would handout a box of cookies with eat me and other saying from the movie along with these cookies that are white & black with red hearts. via
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sneak peak of wants and wishes

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here is a little sneak peak of whats been happening at wants and wishes. Hope you all enjoy!
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